A brief history of Team USA’s failures since the Dream Team era

It took ten years Team USA Lost the first official game since the arrival of the star NBA with the help of international competitions dream team In Barcelona in 1992, the American team’s invincibility was broken by a generation of young Argentines who later made history. Since then, they have been more disappointed than happy at the FIBA ​​World Cup.

Another story is the Olympics, where the only disappointment over the past three decades has been limited to bronze medals. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony Traveled with him in Athens in 2004. Here’s a look back at all the setbacks Team USA has experienced since NBA players – with the exception of FIBA ​​America’s Cup – came to FIBA ​​Basketball:


Argentina 87-80 United States

2002 Indianapolis (group stage)

That Argentine team only had two players who had played in the NBA, and there was no glory. Juan Ignacio Sanchez and Ruben Volkovskiy aren’t the biggest names on a team that has several stars on the verge of going on to big things in their sports careers leap. Manu Ginobili scored 15 points to top the scoring list for a team that included Fabricio Oberto, Luis Scola, Andres Nocioni, Alex Andro Montechia, Leandro Palladino, Lucas Victoriano, Gabriel Fernandez, Leonardo Gutierrez and captain Hugo Scono Chini. On their enemy’s home court, they put the 1994 World Cup gold-medal and 1996 Olympic gold-medal U.S. teams, led by Reggie Miller, into the gutter, as well as the likes of Jermaine O’Neal, Paul Pierce and Shawn Marion. The spell was broken and the rest is history.


Yugoslavia 81-78 United States

2002 Indianapolis (quarterfinals)

The defeat against Argentina was the beginning of things to come for the team coached by George Karl. Reality hit home when they lost to Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac’s Yugoslavia in the quarter-finals, abruptly saying goodbye to medals at the host tournament. , and made a fool of himself.


Spain 81-75 United States

2002 Indianapolis (fifth place in playoffs)

A very young Pau Gasol was still the only NBA player on a team that included several gold medal juniors who eventually made it to the American League. Jose Calderon and Juan Carlos Navarro teamed up with the St. Boil legend to give the United States a final push at home in the tournament, which finished with 6 Finished sixth with 3 wins and 3 losses.


Puerto Rico 92-73 United States

Athens 2004 (group stage)

This is where nearly two decades of great disappointment for Team USA began. Puerto Rico gave a strong NBA roster a real punch in the Olympic group stages. Carlos Arroyo scored 24 points and dished out 7 assists, playing with Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Lamar Odom, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Carmel O’Anthony and other stars in the lead in the game. It wasn’t the only loss in the tournament. This was the third time in the history of Team USA that they lost at the Olympics.


Lithuania 94-90 United States

Athens 2004 (group stage)

On the penultimate day of the group stage, the Lithuanian team brought this group of great NBA stars to the brink of the abyss. The second loss forced the United States to beat Angola on the final day to retain their spot in the qualifying round, where another surprise awaited them in the semifinals. The biggest protagonist of that game was Salas Jasikvicius, who made 7 of 12 three-pointers and scored 28 points and 4 assists.


Argentina 89-81 United States

2004 Athens Olympics (semi-finals)

The Argentine team continued its glory days in 2002 and defeated the United States in the semifinals to win the Olympic gold medal. Manu Ginobili once again led Albiceleste with 29 points against a versatile team filled with current and future NBA stars. In the bronze medal game, the United States exacted revenge on Lithuania for their group stage defeat.


Greece 101-95 United States

2006 Japan (semi-finals)

Under the iron-fisted discipline of the legendary “Coach K”, they remained undefeated in the tournament, but in Saitama they encountered the genius Vasilis Spanouris (22 points) and a group of Greek soldiers and suddenly found themselves out of the World Cup The fight for gold ended up in Spain. LeBron, Melo, Wade, Bosh and others, led by great NBA stars on the court, gave history another serious blow. Since that event, Krzyzewski has not lost a game as Team USA coach, with a total of 75 wins and only one loss.


France 89-79 United States

China 2019 (Quarterfinals)

Rudy Gobert played the game of his life in the quarterfinals, defeating Team USA without the NBA superstar in attendance. The French center finished with 21 points and 16 rebounds, making Donovan Mitchell’s 29 points a wonder. The championship didn’t end there for the United States, as they hit rock bottom later in the World Cup.


Serbia 94-89 United States

China 2019 (5th-8th)

The United States’ next loss confirmed its seventh-place finish at the 2019 World Cup in China, which was ultimately won by Spain, with Ricky Rubio named MVP. Gregg Popovich’s side lost to Bogdan Bogdanovic and Nikola Jokic’s Serbia to seal their worst ranking in World Cup history.


France 83-76 United States

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Group Stage)

France once again issued a serious warning to Popovich’s team during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics group stage, and luckily the setback ended on a happy note, with the United States taking gold in their favorite event. .


Lithuania 110-104 United States

Philippines 2023 Olympic Games (Group Stage)

The debuting 12-man U.S. team suffered a setback against Lithuania in the second phase of the World Cup in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan, also continuing the spell and ultimately being eliminated in the medal race despite beating the Americans. Steve Kerr’s team learned a good lesson, but they failed to capitalize later…


Germany 113-111 United States

Philippines 2023 (Semifinals)

Germany took a step forward and ultimately made history by knocking out the gold medal favorites, but were defeated again due to their lack of commitment to basketball and a lack of collective cohesion on a team without any high-profile NBA stars. . Anthony Edwards and Jalen Brunson, known as team leaders, haven’t been convincing throughout the tournament.


Canada 127-118 United States

2023 Philippine Olympics (Consolation Final)

Metal escaped Team USA in a special consolation final against Canada. Jordi Fernandez’s side claimed a historic bronze medal, its first ever medal at the World Cup, while Steve Kerr’s side failed to win a medal for the second time in a row. An unprecedented event in five years. However, USA Basketball must rethink its strategy if it wants to dominate internationally again.

Lost two more games In 1998, Team USA arrived in Greece for the World Cup, still without an NBA star in the game. They used players like Brad Miller with European experience and college commitments, and they earned the bronze medal after accumulating two losses in the tournament.

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