A child gives Lionel Messi a World Cup stamp

Messi, of course, scored Argentina's winning goal.  (Photo: AP).

Messi, of course, scored Argentina’s winning goal. (Photo: AP).

If there is one player in the world who is loved by fans all over the world, it is Lionel Messi. Children, young people, adults, everyone loves the Argentine star and finds a thousand ways to let him know. Flags, posters, tattoos…or World Cup stamps.

Qatar’s PANINI album “2022” has become a global sensation. When you fill every page with your favorite players, exchanging photos is a feeling that takes us back to our childhood, and it was this kid who stepped out on the eve of the first World Cup qualifying game between Argentina and Ecuador. Towards 2026, he gave two of his most precious photos to Lionel Messi.

The chosen print is the coat of arms of the Argentina national team, as well as that of the current Inter Miami player and top scorer at Team Baisé.

The former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain footballer was delighted with the gift; however, he was focused on the game that would eventually be won with a free-kick goal. So, he called the coaching staff and saved the photo for him.

At this point, goalkeeper Deebu Martinez witnessed the scene up close and told the assistant coach to give him the card and let him put the card in his sock and go out to play, a move the young fan will never forget. . .

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