A child’s tender gesture towards Messi, but drawing Martinez turns into a talisman

In the first match of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Argentina played against Ecuador. With forward Messi’s goal, Argentina defeated their opponent 1-0.

As with every game, the preview creates some curiosity that ultimately captures the attention of fans and the public.

precisely, Albiceleste recently made their World Cup qualifying debut and there was a moment that involved Messias well as national team goalkeeper Damian “Eldib” Martinez.

As the football players prepared to officially leave the field, a child approached “La Pulga” and made a tender gesture that went viral on social networks.

After shaking hands with the Argentine icon, the minor took out from his pocket some golden statuettes, which were later given to Messi, bearing the Argentinian Football Association shield and the striker’s photo.

I was shocked by this action “Leo” took them and gave them to an assistant for safekeeping. However, the team’s goalkeeper realized the situation and made a more gratifying move.

Eldib asked his assistant to give them to him and put them in one of his socks as a talisman for victory against Ecuador.

Apparently, this talisman helped Dib stay unbeaten and allowed the team’s No. 10 to score the only goal via a free kick in the 78th minute.

In the second match, Albiceleste are expected to face Bolivia in La Paz, while Ecuador prepares to face Uruguay in Quito.

The South American qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup will be held in the United States, Canada and Mexico on Thursday, with Argentina and Colombia winning their first games against Ecuador and Venezuela respectively.

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