A collection of Her x-Adidas-and their lack of


A few days ago Her it was a strategic move powerfully in your career, and it showed in the way the media industry is the latest collaboration for his signature IVY PARK-x-Adidas. A two arrasaba, both in stores and online, and that led to the hanging of the sign ‘sold out’ in just a couple of hours. And the truth is, we believe, is because the proposal is a sport that has emerged from this fusion, it seems to us the most —as well as being less expensive. But, what would happen if we were to say that in this match of clothing, can be modelled on the uniform of a grocery store? Aware of it, because this is the viral ‘fashion’ of the day, along with their respective but.

The supermarket’s uk Sainsbury’s,the the second current is the most important in the country, anglo-saxon, he published the tweet, we can make a comparison by making reference to the color and design of the collection is the Queen B of the uniform they wear for their employees for decades to come. The truth is that they are based. Judge it for yourself.

Beyoncé in a promotional image for the line.


“Copiándonos since 1869”

“Beyonce in the box To the left, to the left, all of which escaneas in-a-bag to your left.”

“This is an announcement to the staff: you Can watch me please Her in the corridor on the 24? A customer has spilled a lemonade stand”.

“I’ve been afraid to ask for something to be a staff member of the supermarket Sainsbury’s, because you may be a person who is wearing the new collection from Her”.

“I hate it when I see a new collection of Games is the only thing that comes to mind is she’s working in a supermarket is Sainsbury’s on a shift from 12 to 5 in the afternoon.

“Coming to me”.


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