‘A combination of LeBron James, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods’: Stunning Virat Kohli statistics play big role in cricket heading into 2028 LA Olympics

Cricket has finally become a part of the Olympics and Virat Kohli could be a huge contributor to this achievement. Los Angeles 2028 International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports Director recently revealed the news of cricket being included in the 2028 Olympic Games.

In the statement, the sports director also praised Virat Kohli and compared him with other sports legends like LeBron James, Tom Brady and Tiger Woods. Without further ado, let’s see what the sports director has to say about Virat Kohli. here we go!

Niccolo Campriani mentions Virat Kholi as he reveals cricket as part of 2028 Olympics

Virat Kohli has such a majestic aura that even people who know nothing about cricket are his fans. The Indian cricketer has a proud record of 77 centuries and 25,000 international matches. In addition to a long list of unforgettable moments playing a cricketer, a captain and someone who truly cares about creating a better society for the next generation. Virat Kohli holds a special place in the hearts of his fans.

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However, Niccolo Campriani turns out to be one of Virat Kohli’s fans. Niccolo Campriani recently revealed the news about cricket being part of the 2028 Olympics at the International Olympic Committee meeting, TOI reported. During the reveal, the IOC Sports Director mentioned Virat Kohli and said: “My friend Virat Kohli has 340 million social media followers, making him the third most popular Athlete to watch.”

Niccolo Campriani added in a statement that Virat has a greater social presence than other sports legends like Tiger Woods, Tom Brady and LeBron James combined many. When the IOC director praises Indian cricketers, it is an honor in itself. In his statement, Niccolò Campriani further spoke about cricket as part of the Olympic Games and how this inclusion will have a positive impact on the sport.

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Talking about this, Nicolo said: “This is a win-win situation for LA28, the International Olympic Committee and the cricket community, because cricket will be showcased on the global stage.” In addition, he also said, “Making It transcends traditional cricketing nations and puts it into untapped communities of players and fans.” It’s great news that cricket is finally part of the Olympics and will receive more attention from international audiences and fans. People who haven’t discovered this wonderful sport yet. “

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