“A concert at the Circus Maximus? Instrumental and snobbish controversy”

Rome City Council Main Events Advisor Alessandro Onorato responds in an interview with AdnKronos to the criticism leveled at the Travis Scott concert followed by “nearly 60,000 20-year-olds” yesterday at the Circus Maximus, emphasizing that “this is a purely instrumental controversy, but it doesn’t exist.” In particular, the adviser responds to Alfonsine Russo, director of the Colosseum archaeological park, who said that in the future “we will give a negative opinion on rock concerts in the Circus Maximus.” the fact that “our prescriptions were not carried out.”

Honorato recalls that “The inspector of archeology of the Colosseum gave a positive opinion about this concert, demanding that the public not miss it. I would like to point out that yesterday there was a concert with nearly 60,000 20-year-olds in which there were no accidents other than what happened to a 14-year-old boy who, unfortunately, was injured not in the area of ​​the Circus Maximus, but in the Superintendentship of the Colosseum. The young man, says Honorato, “after climbing over to get to the Palatine, fell into a ditch. Thus, the only accident occurred in the area where Rousseau is watching the structure. there were no problems, no injuries, no dramatic situation, precisely thanks to the extraordinary work done both by the organizers, who yesterday numbered a thousand, and by the police and carabinieri.”

“To present an event that everyone is talking about in the international music world in a negative light because someone on the balcony was annoyed by the return of music from a 72-minute event is a form of snobbery towards twenty-year-olds,” Honorato adds. . dose. Disputing the idea put forward by the director of the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum that the territory of the Circus Maximus would be more suitable “for certain types of concerts, such as opera, ballet”, Honorato then argues that “the municipal government, thank the concerts at the Circus Maximus, last year he received 2,100,000 euros to reinvest in the upkeep and protection of archaeological treasures.”

This, argues the Capitol Counsel, “is an entirely instrumental contradiction, but it does not exist. This is not to say that in 2023 anyone would think that it would also be decided which artists can express themselves and which can’t. “always associated with generational groups of young people who showed great seriousness yesterday because there were no injuries.” The Commissioner also responds to the Deputy Minister of Culture Borgonzoni, noting that “the State Inspectorate gave a positive opinion about this concert.”

For the rest, the adviser continues, “it seems to me that there is also a wave of government, from this point of view more northern, which is not very happy that Rome last year beat Milan with more than 2 million tickets with another 500,000 tickets sold, which is not it’s been happening for 11 years.” Circus Maximus “is a place that is saved for every initiative: when the organizers arrive, they leave the structure in a better condition than they found it, they pay 360,000 euros to the municipal inspection for one day, 60,000 euros for firefighters, 50,000 euros. euro for Amu. This is the most expensive place in Europe, which creates an economic incentive,” he concludes.

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