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In recent days, the story of Marietta Terabelian and Richard Ayvazyan. This marriage became one of the most sought after by the FBI after having defrauded the US government. The couple stole an amount greater than 20 million dollars and before being convicted, they eloped and abandoned their three teenage children.

The fraud started with the pandemic of coronavirus. The government of USA decided to launch an assistance program due to the economic crisis affecting local companies, which were on the verge of bankruptcy and, therefore, millions of people would be left without their jobs. It was then that assistance vouchers were issued for those companies that needed it most.

This turned out to be a great relief for many workers. Nevertheless, this couple found in this aid a great opportunity to carry out their fraudulent businesses. It was like this used different false identities of deceased persons, elderly or exchange students who had returned to their home country. The couple was accumulating state aid for people in emergency situations.

After the initial plan, dozens of businesses were added that they created with false payroll and tax returns. Richard Ayvazyan, 43, managed to convince other people to participate in this scam and, in this way, they came to add about 150 loan applications.

With money, the marriage changed his lifestyle. They invested millions in jewelry, high-end watches, gold coins, properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods in California, designer objects and a Harley Davidson motorcycle. His “nouveau riche” attitude triggered an alert and it was a matter of time until the authorities began to investigate his situation.

The marriage was investigated and the justice of the North American country found them guilty of fraud, but they remained in their mansion of 3.25 million dollars with electronic tracking bracelets until the time of sentence is set. Last August, the judge ruled the sentence: 17 years for the husband and 6 for the wife.

However, at the time of sentencing, only the couple’s three children, ages 13, 15 and 16, and the grandparents of the minors were present. Since, one night in August, her parents eloped and left them a note. “Someday I will returnyou to be together “.

For his part, the fraudster’s lawyer indicated that there is a possibility that both of them have been kidnapped by some of their collaborators in the fraudulent plot and pointed out that the farewell note to their children could have been planted.

Nevertheless, the judge of the case rejected this version of the lawyer since the couple had made an emergency passport application for the three teenagers, something that for the jues, reveals their escape plans. In addition, the FBI continues its search and offered a reward of $ 10,000 for any information on the whereabouts of the scammers.

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