A dangerous age. Oleg Basilashvili hospitalized with coronavirus

Oleg Basilashvili hospitalized with Covid-19 (Photo: @ BDT)

86-year-old Soviet and Russian actor Oleg Basilashvili was hospitalized in a hospital in St. Petersburg with a diagnosis of Covid -19.

People’s Artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili ( Office RomanceAutumn MarathonStation for Two ) was hospitalized with coronavirus, Russian media reported. Basilashvili’s daughter Ksenia confirmed the information about the hospitalization.

She said that her father was offered hospitalization, and he did not refuse, although he felt good. She noted that, given his age, it is safer for doctors to observe him in the hospital and provide the necessary therapy.

Let us remind you that Oleg Basilashvili spoke sharply about the annexation of Crimea by Russia. He noted that instead of a brother and a friend, the Russians got an evil enemy for all ages. In addition, he actively called on Russian society to end the ideological persecution of cultural representatives, whose views on the situation in Ukraine differ sharply from those of the Russian authorities. The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine added the name of Oleg Basilashvili to the so-called white list of artists who support the territorial integrity of Ukraine.