A dating site sponsors Piqué’s club for breakup with Shakira: We have the same values

An extramarital dating site has offered to sponsor Pique’s club after breaking up with Shakira: the managers of the platform contacted the former defender by email and then made everything public on social media, stating that ‘a sponsorship from Andorra is consistent with our brand values’.

AshleyMadisonthe world’s leading extramarital dating agency, has made a cheeky offer to sponsor some Futbol Club AndorraSpanish second division club owned by Gerard Pique. The dating site has made this offer of one million euros athe former defender of Barcelona and the Spanish national team to whom one more would be added for each year that this union will continue.

In addition, the platform also joked that there will be a €50,000 bonus for any player who posts a story about a non-monogamous relationship on social media.

Christoph Kraemer, Ashley Madison Managing Director Europe, said: “Former world champion Gerard Piqué is one of the best-known Spanish footballers internationally and has been the majority owner of FC Andorra for some years. Under his leadership, the club has enjoyed an impressive run of success. We know from our research that many of Ashley Madison’s members are also big football fans.It seems that Mr. Piqué has been leading a non-monogamous lifestyle, at least as reported in the media around the world and in his ex Shakira’s latest songs. A sponsorship of FC Andorra is, therefore, consistent with the values ​​of our brand. As a brand, we believe that non-monogamy should be lived without prejudice. We are therefore convinced that this sponsorship would be mutually beneficial.”

Sweet effusions between Piqué and Clara at the stadium, meanwhile Shakira attacks: “I could kill my ex”

The managers of the platform contacted Piqué via an email declaring their interest in stipulating a sponsorship contract and made it public through their social networks. Ashley Madison is a Canadian online dating service and caters primarily to married or engaged people looking for extramarital affairs.

The hook for the platform executives was the breakup between Piqué and Shakira, who split in June 2022 after the former Barcelona star started a relationship with Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira recently released a song, ‘Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53’, where she attacked her ex and in the past few hours spoke for the first time about what happened in the past months: “I’ve been silent and just trying to process everything. Yeah, it’s hard to talk about, mostly because I’m still going through it and because I’m in the public eye, and because our split isn’t like a normal split. It’s been hard, not only for me, but also for my children. I also believed that story that a woman needs a man, I also dreamed of a family with a father and a mother in the same house. I have been in love with love and I am managed to understand it from another perspective and to feel that today I am enough for myself. When a woman faces life, she comes out stronger. Now I feel complete. I feel stronger than a lioness. The result is that of having lived a duel, to have accepted it, to have tolerated the frustration”.

Meanwhile, Piqué was photographed in recent weeks with his new partner Clara Chia Martì for the first time walking together after the separation of the footballer from the Colombian singer.

In addition to this release there would be other images of the two around without too many filters and these shots would have infuriated Shakira, who had leaked a pact with her ex-husband not to formalize new relationships for at least a year after their separation.

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