A daughter in danger movie, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it’s shot

A mother searches for her missing daughter at a college. The police are of no help.

Tv8 proposes the film entitled A daughter in danger. It is a thriller film with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2022 and the duration is one hour and 25 minutes.

A daughter in danger film actors

A daughter in danger film – director, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by Mike Hoy. Main protagonists are Zoey And Lizzie interpreted respectively by Rachel Thundat And Madison Crawford. Also in the cast Bob Gallagher in the role of Benjamin Ruggiero.

Filming took place in Americaespecially a Los Angeles and neighboring areas in the territory of the California.

The production is of Dawn’s Light in collaboration with Mar Vista Entertainment And Lifetime Movie Network.

The film is internationally known under the title Secrets Exposed.

A daughter in danger film where it is shot

A daughter in danger – plot of the film broadcast on Tv8

The plot features a college girl named Lizzie, The young woman is very tired and has a conflictual relationship with her mother. Indeed it seems that Lizzie in this period he has some problems that he does not want to reveal to the parent.

One day she had an appointment with a boy named John but she is kidnapped before she can even go out and meet the young man with whom she had an appointment.

Naturally Lizzie he doesn’t show up for class in college and he’s not even in his dorm room. The mother who went to college to try to talk to her daughter can’t help but notice her absence, and therefore her disappearance.

Joanna, that’s the name of the parent, checks all her daughter’s things in the room and steals a spare key that she finds on the coffee table. Meanwhile, the police are questioning Joanna to try to get some more clues about her daughter from her.

Final spoiler

The mother begs the policemen to find her daughter as soon as possible. But as often happens the police are of no help and Joanna will have to deal with it alone.

Meanwhile, the presence of a mysterious and elusive assassin has been noticed on campus who is reaping terror everywhere. Although the campus was ransacked, the man was not found. Joanna he will have to do very quickly to find his daughter before the unpredictable happens.

A daughter in danger final film

A Daughter in Peril: The Complete Cast

Below is the cast of the film A daughter in danger and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Rachel Thundat: Zoey
  • Madison Crawford: Lizzie
  • Bob Gallagher: Benjamin Roger
  • Marc Hermann: Trevor
  • Darren Johnson: Receptionist
  • Bryce Jones: Security Guard
  • Nicholas Robert Ortiz: Detective Walter
  • Russell Quinn: Paul Vargas
  • Carrie Schroeder: Joanna
  • Michelle Yazvac: Whitney

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