A deputy who dealt pantries have coronavirus


A deputy of the Party of Labor (PT) came out to hand out food from the past April 11 . However, stopped this activity on the 20th of April when he and his wife began to have symptoms related to the COVID-19, decided to enter in quarantine and be tested for the disease.

It is Julio César Vázquez Castle who is part of the TWENTY-first Legislature of the State of Baja California and is also the chairman of the Commission on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the elderly, and Children, an organization that he himself proposed to Congress.

In a video that you shared on your account of facebook, the official assures that he wanted to inform on your own that the test of coronavirus that was submitted was positive. He stressed that “we never hesitate in going out to the streets to deliver the little that we had: pantries, as well as milk, so they would have to supply the families.”

Vázquez Castle he accepted that still last Sunday April 19 was handing out food pantriesbut he stressed that took all the necessary preventive measures as the use of gloves, mask and face shield, despite the fact that at that time, was not aware of the fact that he had coronavirus.

He assured that even as he handed out the food with their co-workers, always maintaining hygiene using the gel antibacterial. In addition emtió an alert to the residents of the state.

Highlighted this part for awareness of the risk for people that refuse to wear mask, wash hands or perform any of the preventive measures that have been issued by the authorities to address the pandemic of COVID-19.

The measures that the deputy tried to exercise were not enough to protect you from coronavirusso that asked citizens to stay at home and make case to the measures taken by the state and federal authorities.

The delegation also stressed that it should maintain preventive measures because there are people who have no symptoms of the disease.

On the other hand, reported that both he and his partner continue to suffer from symptoms the COVID-19, which mitigate only taking paracetamol. “The people who present the symptoms, don’t wait until the end, don’t expect that to get worse”, he asked.

Hundreds of people commented on its publication, desiring the best possible health to the deputy. Among them, there is no message of anger or indignation toward the officer from about a week ago he went out to give food to the people of Baja California.

Vázquez Castillo is now one of the thousand 47 confirmed cases in the state, where, in addition, there have been 136 deaths from the disease. These are among the more than 11 thousand cases that have tested positive at the national level to a few days of that the federal authorities decretaran that the country has reached the phase 3 of the pandemic.

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