A dermatologist told me these tips to help my tan last longer after the holidays

Our favorite thing about summer, besides enjoying a delicious ice cream or watching the sunrise on the beach, is without a doubt getting a nice tan.If you’re one of those who find it difficult to return to the city and see how your tan is disappearing, we reveal the key Extend tanning timeat least another month.

What must be remembered is tanned This is the skin’s reaction to excessive and prolonged exposure to the sun. therefore, Experts advise avoiding excesses Of course, we must also protect ourselves sunscreen Broad spectrum.Once you’ve tanned, it’s very important if you want to prolong it in a safe and healthy way maintain level hydration Suitable,” warns the pharmacist bethlehem steel co.expert Dermatology and nutrition.

Exfoliate and renew

There’s no use having color and having it fall off in clumps and leave horrible scars.So, try to make the tone look homogeneous This is also essential.To avoid the famous “falling to pieces”, the best thing to do is to do a exfoliationphysical weekly if Gentle exfoliationonce every 15 days if more powerful.

Don’t be afraid of this step because as Dr. Natalia Jimenezfacial cosmetic dermatologist Pedro Hahn Group,”Exfoliating does not remove tan; Only dead cells.Need to maintain a unified tone and Improve texture skin surface.

In these cases, skin type plays an important role. “Most on the skin dry and sensitive, ideally every 15 days fat and blend Once a week,” he explained. bethlehem steel co..

Hydrate and don’t stop

stay at your best hydration On the skin, this is a step that cannot be forgotten, especially after seeing changed by the sun and other summer factors.still need Extend tanning time Due to several factors:

  1. prevent PeelingNo. After sun exposure, skin can become dry and begin to peel.

  2. Repair damaged skin. Sunlight can cause damage to the upper layers of skin, and proper hydration can promote the healing process. repair skin and helps maintain a tan.

  3. retain melanin. This pigment is responsible for tanning the skin in response to sunlight and responds better to hydrated skin, as dryness can cause skin to darken. melanin Exfoliates along with dead skin cells.

  4. Improve elasticity. this hydrated skin It’s more resilient, which means it’s less likely to happen wrinkle However relaxation.Well-hydrated skin tends to look tan fartherUniform and durable.

  5. Reduce risk of peeling skin. If you become dehydrated and begin to “pee,” some of the tanned skin may be removed along with the dead skin cells. Good hydration can avoid this problem and maintain color.

  6. Finally, if you want to prolong your tan, you must drink enough water and apply regularly Moisturizing lotion.

Self-tanner is your ally

This product replicates the effects of sunlight, enhancing your tan in a very natural way from the first application. Of course, “you have to apply it correctly so that the tone is even and you don’t get those unwanted patches of color. So choosing the right method is crucial,” says the expert. Dermatology.

also, self-tanner Increase brightness Suitable for dull skin and provides beautiful color to light skin. In short, it is a “must” both for those who do not expose themselves to the sun and for those who want to maintain their tan for as long as possible, even year-round. There are different forms to suit all tastes and needs of the skin: spray version, milkcream, mousseserum and even format reduce Or drip.

Arguably, from an expert’s perspective, the only safe way to achieve and maintain a tan is Use tanning products. “You should not resort to Artificial tanning booth There are also no other tips, such as stopping using sunscreen.You have to use it consistently throughout the year because although the sun is not too strong, UV light Still harmful to our skin,” dermatologist says Natalia Jimenez.

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I’m a beauty editor, I’m 45 and these products have really improved my skin

Products to keep skin healthy and bright after summer

The best way to keep your skin healthy after summer is to follow this care routine: Suitable detergent Meets the needs of every skin type; Antioxidants Neutralizing free radicals photoaging;Moisturizing products; sunscreen (day) and renewing active ingredients (retinol and similar, night).

If you also want to get a toastier tone you can use Tinted sunscreenmake-up or tan.

Tips for taking care of your skin in autumn

  • At this stop, dermatologists Natalia Jimenez As we commented previously, it is recommended that “exfoliation Eliminates dead cells on the skin’s surface and promotes the penetration of emollient and moisturizing active ingredients, helping to restore the skin barrier and improve skin texture after summer’s transition.

  • The change of seasons also requires Routine facial examination. The weather in autumn is not cold enough, but neither is the heat of summer, so in addition to preparing the skin for the cold, it is also necessary to replenish moisture.The doctor explained that ideally Alana,Dermatologist Perez Seville Clinic,”Change facial cleanserspecifically for a creamy Will not foam. This action will ensure that the skin is not stripped of its natural oils. “He also suggested Add moisturizing serumbased on hyaluronic acid,return comfortable and moisturizing.Don’t forget to resume your daily routine RetinoidsBecause, in fact, “now is the best time to buy retinol to soften spots that may appear in summer. In addition to improving texture, refining skin, and reducing pores and smooths fine lines and wrinkles,” concludes the dermatologist Alana.

  • Use products containing antioxidants, e.g. Vitamin Chelps protect skin from damage caused by: free radicals.

  • put on one hydrating mask Or once a week or as needed to soothe and rejuvenate feet.


Moisture Surge Sheertint Hyrayor SPF25 by: Clinic (€35). A tinted and protective moisturizer that prolongs your tan. Instantly moisturizes for 12 hours with a high protection factor and a light, flawless complexion.

Clinique Moisture BoostClinic

Infinite Bronze, by: lancaster (€14.10). A tanning cream with luminous and adjustable effects that is great for enhancing the golden color of sun-exposed areas of the face.

“Infinite Bronze” by Lancasterlancaster

Body Wishes Body Wash, Honey (€40, available from Skin Pharmacy). Gel that stimulates melanin production and helps protect tanned skin through tyrosine. It has moisturizing, soothing and antioxidant properties. Helps protect skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Gel shower gel by DarlingHoney

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