A devastating 6.8-magnitude earthquake hits Morocco, killing more than 1,000 people and injuring hundreds

a devastating earthquake 6.8 level vibration Morocco This Friday night left a trail of destruction and tragedy in its wake. Strong shaking was felt in several parts of the country, causing severe damage to many buildings and leaving thousands of residents in shock and despair.

Authorities have confirmed a staggering 1,037 people so far deceased and more than 1,000 people injured. However, there are fears that these numbers will continue to rise as rescue efforts progress and previously inaccessible areas are opened.

Search and rescue teams, as well as volunteers and medical staff, are mobilizing tirelessly to provide aid to victims and search for possible survivors in the rubble.

the size of tragedy There were urgent calls for national and international solidarity, with many countries providing humanitarian aid and resources to assist with the recovery and reconstruction of affected areas. Moroccan authorities have declared a state of emergency and are coordinating efforts to ensure an effective and rapid response to this unprecedented natural disaster in the region.

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