A doctor from Tucumán spoke with the cardiologist of “Kun”, and confirmed that his condition is serious

The versions that arrive from Catalonia raised the eyebrows of more than one: the forward of the Argentine team Sergio “Kun” Omen Perhaps he should abandon the practice of soccer – and any sport, really – at a professional level, due to a heart disease that was detected in recent days.

The Tucumán doctor, Luis Aguinaga placeholder image, confirmed the rumors, after having spoken with Josep Brugada, the cardiologist who attends to “Kun” at the Barcelona club, where the forward currently plays. Aguinaga is a friend of Brugada; in fact, this professional visited our province on a couple of occasions.

“The picture has been classified as complex and with a reserved prognosis. I know a little information I know first-hand, having spoken with Brugada, who made the diagnosis. Although neither the doctors nor the club have yet issued an official communication, it is known that there is He had to wait three months and see his evolution. A device that detects arrhythmias was installed; if it happens again, he will need more treatment, and the return to competition would be less likely, “Aguinaga told journalists Carolina Servetto and Jose Nazaro, who interviewed him by phone during today’s edition of LA GACETA Central.

“90% of arrhythmias are benign, they are treated and the patient may soon be playing again in high competition. But others, 10%, are not so benign; and that requires more time,” insisted the specialist from Tucumán .

He admitted that he could not elaborate on the pathology suffered by Agúero, because there is a confidentiality agreement in force. “Yes, I can say that it is not one of the usual arrhythmias, but the others,” he said.

Regarding the causes of these pathologies, he pointed out that the most frequent causes have to do with inflammation of the heart; for example, after having suffered covid-19. “Things like that, which leave a scar on the heart. Of course we are talking about acquired causes, because Agüero did not have a congenital cause. He had had a history of benign arrhythmia, but that episode is not related to the current arrhythmia, which has been acquired recently, “Aguinaga said.

The professional from Tucumán advised that attention be paid to some symptoms; especially, from the age of 35. “Anyone should be alert if faced with intense physical effort they feel palpitations, dizziness, a sensation of fainting, chest pain, shortness of breath.

He also recommended that before the decision to start doing some physical activity, check-ups be done. “Above all, an ergometry and an electrocardiogram; these studies alert to the presence of any danger,” he said.

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