A dress with ruffles, a dress with flounces that takes us back to the evenings of the 2000s.

The history of fashion teaches us that every decade has its own trend. If in the 70s there were flared trousers, and in the 80s we saw the era of shoulder pads, then the 90s brought us back to minimalism. And then there’s the 2000s, etched in the collective memory with a series of divisive trends, from low-waisted jeans to trucker caps. In the whirlwind of 2000 trends, a feminine and carefree dress is back on the scene today: the ruffled dress. No, this is not the classic frilled dress we were forced to wear at weddings and family dinners, but a seductive dress that accentuates the silhouette, with jagged edges and flounces that accentuate the curves. Example? Take a look at the Blumarine Spring/Summer 2023 collection and you’ll want it right away!

Filled with romantic and nostalgic references, the ruffle dress has already won the hearts of many celebrities. First of all, Victoria Beckham, a pioneer of the trend back in 1999, in her pastel pink ruffle dress at Elton John’s Art of Barbie Ball in London. A dress that, more than twenty years later, also won over her daughter-in-law: Last summer, Nicola Peltz Beckham chose a pink ruffle dress for the event dedicated to Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty. Even Dua Lipa took us back in time in a pink ruffled Barbie Fancì Club dress with long ruffles on the sides and a fabric flower on the shoulder.

Hailey Bieber, who chose a black, short and translucent model, is guided by the same brand, and Gilda Ambrosio wore Thelma ruffle dress from her brand The Attico in April. At Cannes 2023, the flounced dress also captivated Elsa Hosk, who demonstrated a long translucent dress with cutouts on the chest from her brand Helsa. Two years ago, back at Cannes, Bella Hadid laid the groundwork for this 2000s comeback by wearing a ruffled long yellow dress crisscrossed with thin frills.

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