a drunken fan swims back to the concert

Slayer are currently on a farewell tour of North America, so it’s understandable that fans are literally struggling to see them live one last time. canadian fan, Chris LaRock, tried to go back to a concert last week after being kicked out by security. It was a grand concert, the dream of any metal lover: right on stage, next to Slayer, Testament, Behemoth, Anthrax and Lamb Of God.

Returning to the adventures of Chris LaRoque: return in style, his. Since the venue was completely surrounded by Lake Ontario, the man felt it was a good idea to swim under the stage, attracting the attention of Anthrax’s guitarist Scott Ian.

I was a little drunk, but I felt pretty good.the man said.I didn’t swim fast, I was just trying to stay incognito, I was wearing a camouflage hat and I thought that might help.
Despite their efforts, medics and security officers intercepted the fan when he returned to earth and took him back from the location, where he finally lost the opportunity to attend the concert of his favorite bands.

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