A famous Romanian, included on the list of the most beautiful men in the world. It’s over Keanu Reeves or Ryan Reynolds

If you’ve ever wondered who are the most beautiful men on the planet, well, the list includes famous Hollywood actors, but also a famous Romanian. It is considered much more attractive than the tough Jason Mamoa, Tom Hardy or Keanu Reeves.

Who are the most beautiful men in the world. The surprise in the list is given by a famous Romanian

The social network Reddit conducted an opinion poll about famous people that users consider the most attractive in the world. Participants could choose anyone they liked, celebrities of all genres and ages, including movie characters. A Romanian actor is on the list of the most beautiful men in the world. Would you have expected this name ?!

The 1st place is occupied by the well-known actor

According to Reddit users, the 1st place is occupied by the famous actor Henry Cavill, followed by the second place by Viggo Mortensen, from “The Lord of the Rings”. On the third position is the actor of color Idris Elba, the 4th place is occupied by Paul Rudd. Surprising is the presence of a Romanian in this top of the most attractive men on the planet. This is Sebastian Stan, who ranks 11th.

20. Jensen Ackles
19. Tom Hardy
18. Pierce Brosnan
17. Jason Momoa
16. Chris Evans
15. Ryan Reynolds
14. Harrison Ford
13. Keanu Reeves
12. Hugh Jackman
11. Sebastian Stan
10. Matt Bomer
9. Jon Hamm
8. Chris Hemsworth
7. Ewan McGregor
6. Marlon Brando
5. Danny DeVito
4. Paul Rudd
3. Idris Elba
2. Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
1. Henry Cavill

Less known details about Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan is the most successful Romanian actor in Hollywood. Born in Constanţa, but moved to the USA with his mother, Sebastian has starred in several successful series, such as “Gossip Girl”, “Kings”, “Once Upon a Time” and “Political Animals”. Stan really knew the celebrity from the moment he entered the world of “Marvel” movies.

Romanian Sebastian Stan plays the role of Bucky Barnes in the Marvel universe. With the first film in which he appeared, “Captain America: The First Avenger”, released in 2011, he became increasingly known and coveted by the great directors of the time. Then followed “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Ant-Man”, “Captain America: Civil War”, “Black Panther”, “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”, Sebastian Stan being already considered the new Hollywood sensation. The actor is one of the Marvel veterans, so the Romanian was rewarded for his good performances with a leading role in the miniseries “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, launched in 2021.

The Romanian actor has a beautiful fortune

His character, Bucky Barnes, is at the center of the action in the new Marvel production, so his salary has also increased. Sebastian Stan earns as much money as the other lead actor in the film, Anthony Mackie. The Romanian actor receives 475 thousand dollars per episode, meaning that, for this series alone, Stan will receive 2.8 million dollars. He also has eight million dollars in his accounts, Stan already exceeding the ten million barrier.

Regarding the love life, the Romanian who conquered Hollywood was caught in the company of a beautiful young woman, named Alejandra Onieva. At the age of 29, Alejandra Onieva is a soap opera actress by profession


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