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Heterochromia is a special characteristic that many Hollywood stars have: let’s find out together what it is and what it entails

When it comes to beauty, it is well known that it is a very subjective thing. Of course, there are objective parameters such as symmetry, but beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.

Heterochromia: what is it – thewisemagazine.it

In ancient times, the basis for works of art considered great today was the tendency to create designs in which specularity was considered the basis of beauty. So much so that these canons were also used to define human beauty. However, today we are struck not so much by ideal beauty as by the unique details that characterize a person.

In fact, we live in an era when many labels have passed customs which means that everyone can seek and find beauty in what strikes them most. We are moving in the direction that what was previously considered a defect now these are unique qualities which make the object even more beautiful.

Among the beauties of Hollywood and even among ordinary people in general, it is believed that the exact feature in eye color, is a characteristic that makes a person truly attractive and charming.

Heterochromia: what is it and why does it occur?

This feature of eye color appears to be the main reason for one magnetic look and mesmerizing, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Called heterochromia and it is a somatic characteristic that causes a person to have an eye of a different color than the other.

Heterochromia: what is it and where does it come from – thewisemagazine.it

There are many people who have this feature, even very many. Hollywood stars, whose charm also seems to be based on this unique feature. A special type of heterochromia is also chromatic mosaicismor submit different colors in the same iris.

These plays of color, which at first glance may seem like flaws, are the main reason why the image seems truly attractive. This is the case Mila Kunis for example, one whose eye is green and the other brown. Also David Bowie it owes its alien appearance to heterochromia.

It also seems that 1% of the population have this characteristic either from birth or due to injury. Another famous person who seems to have suffered from heterochromia is Alexander the Great. In fact, from the great leader to today’s stars, heterochromia is not only a symbol of beauty, but also seems An excellent talisman for good luck.

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