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Em outubro, hollow Leonardo DiCaprio AND Martin Scorsese launch your collaboration product: visit our cinemas in the 19th edition or film Assassinos da Lua das Flores, the director’s new historical drama starring the Hollywood actor. The thirsty previous films of this fruitful harvest are like a threat and an Oscar nod – nine wins. In a recent interview, Scorsese said he regretted making one of these films.

It’s about psychological stress Ilha do Medo, since 2010, long after winning over amazing audiences, it’s been a long time since the awards – and now it’s causing the 80-year-old director to throw in the towel. Scorsese said he wanted to direct the production, which did not include DiCaprio, in the euphoria of winning an Oscar: in 2006 he took the trophy for the film Oscar. OS InfiltradosOutro Longa as author de Titanic no list that also raised the Oscar for Best Picture. “Now I see that I must be rejected (and Ilha do Medo) and finished the outro film as Silenceprovable,” he told the American magazine. GQ. Launched in 2016, Silence adapts the book by Shusaku Endo and tells the story of the religious persecution suffered by Catholic missionaries in Japan in the 17th century.

Parsia DiCaprio Like Scene Coming 2002 Com Gangs of New York; I’ll follow you and see you Oh Aviador (2004), OS Infiltrados (2006), Ilha do Medo (2010), Or Lobo from Wall Street (2013), or kurta Listening (2015) and now Assassinos da Lua das Flores (2023).

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