A gamer was the first in the world to open an “impossible” chest in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is a whole list of chests that cannot be reached in the usual way. Until recently, only one of them remained “unconquered”, but the stubborn gamer still managed to correct this situation.

The existence of this chest, which is located under the beach of Aris, has been known in the community of game fans for a long time. However, no one was able to open it, and all because of his unusual behavior.

To begin with, he is deep underwater and appears only when the player approaches him at a distance of 60 meters or closer. At the same time, as soon as the chest “notices” Link, it begins to quickly prostrate itself and after 18 seconds it disappears altogether. It was for such tricks that this chest got its name – “impossible”, but it looks like after a real gamer feat from a YouTuber under the nickname Cleric he will have to lose his title.

To get the chest, the gamer was literally forced to fall through the ground, falling outside the playing field, and go deeper than 60 meters. Such a dive took him 5 minutes 35 seconds of real-time. As soon as Cleric was in the right place, he grabbed the box flying by with a magnet and moved it to another place, but it turned out to be impossible to open it immediately.

The gamer had to deliberately drown in order to see his character again because he was “invisible” after leaving the game world and return to the chest using the travel medallion. Then he froze the chest in order to buy some time before it disappeared and flew with all his might to the desired treasure, simultaneously shooting at it with a bow. During this “flight” he constantly ate food in order to restore stamina. Finally, the player pulled the chest towards him with a magnet, placing it on the ice cube.

Many Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players probably expected this chest to contain something incredible to make such a long and difficult process worth the effort, but unfortunately the loot inside was more of a disappointment.

All Cleric got from this chest for his incredible efforts is a piece of amber, a fairly common material in the game, used to buy and improve certain items. However, YouTuber himself seems to be pleased, because, according to him, this piece of the gem is “the coolest of all that he had to find in the game.”


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