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The mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, in an image file.
The mexican city of Cabo San Lucas, in an image file.

What began as a journey of springbreak he ended up in a quarantine. A group of 28 u.s. has tested positive for Covid-19 after a vacation in Cabo San Lucasin the tourist area of Los Cabos, in northwestern Mexico. So what has informed this Tuesday by the Department of Public Health of the city texas of Austin. Health authorities have isolated the infected, as well as dozens of other passengers who are already being valued. Four of the confirmed cases showed no symptoms at the time of being diagnosed. “The virus often hides in the healthy and is infected to those who after are in serious risk of being hospitalized or dying,” said the doctor Mark Escott in a press release released by the Government of Austin.

The authorities have explained that it was a group of 70 passengers that rented a private plane and flew to Mexico a week ago and a half. Los Cabos has grown in recent years as a destination for high-end, particularly among students and retired americans. Some of the travelers returned separately to the home on commercial flights. The research has not yet identified the chain of infection, it can spread by someone who had become infected in Texas or if they got sick in Cabo San Lucas. The cases that tested positive are quarantined in their homes and the majority is around 20 years, according to the release.

When vacationers went to the tourist destination it had not yet issued any travel alert, according to u.s. authorities. If the restrictions on mobility were not implemented it was just a matter of days, but hours. Mexico and the united States agreed last march 20 temporarily close the border for non-essential travel and only allows traffic to workers and students of bi-national, as well as to the trade. The commercial flights between the two countries, however, still are not restricted.

Baja California Sur, the State where is located Los Cabos, had been confirmed as of Monday, only 13 cases of coronavirus. The entity, relatively isolated from the rest of the country and with a very low population density, has been one of the least affected by the virus in Mexico. Hours after the announcement of the authorities in texas, the governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, has informed on Tuesday of the first two deaths in the State, occurred in La Paz, the state capital. “It’s time for empathy, solidarity and responsibility,” wrote Mendoza Davis in his Twitter account.

Mexico, which has surpassed the barrier of 1,000 cases this week, said on Monday the health emergency and extended the suspension of non-essential activities until the next 30 April, 10 days more than you had initially planned. Also have been restricted the meetings of over 50 people and has urged all residents in the mexican territory to isolate themselves on a voluntary basis, in particular over 60 years of age, pregnant women, and people with chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

The united states announced days before a quarantine, also until April 30, albeit with a system of surveillance more strict than that of Mexico, which has appealed to the responsibility of its inhabitants to meet with success measures. Since the end of last week, the north american country has become the new epicentre of the global pandemic, with a total of more than 3,000 dead and more than 140,000 hiv infections reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). Scientists estimate that they could die of Covid-19 between 100,000 and 240,000 americans.

With the advance of the virus in the continent, where eight of every 10 new cases and deaths are concentrated in the united States, according to WHO, both countries have tightened the speech and the measures to stop the spread. The focus has moved towards the contagions community and is not already in the cases “imported”, with the focus on chains of transmission that will be the passing of the days more difficult to track, with asymptomatic carriers and infections indigenous, warn medical specialists. “Although the younger people have a lower risk of complications, are not immune to develop serious disease and die of Covid-19”, has emphasized Escott, health authority in Austin.

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