A group of friends had a barbecue while waiting to be vaccinated

The pandemic caused by Covid-19 It led us to unforeseen scenarios. And under the threat of the virus originating in wuhan, citizens around the world adapted to different situations, some normal and others unusual. In Mexico, in the middle of a soft quarantine, young people waited their turn to get vaccinated and had no better idea than to do it by preparing a barbecue.

Is that so much for swabs as for vaccinations, the huge rows do not distinguish geography. The demand for one activity or the other is very high, therefore citizens manage to make the hours pass faster. And in Keep, a Mexican city belonging to the State of Coahuila, was not the exception to the rule.

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In social networks, the photo of two young people making a barbecue on a kind of rudimentary chulengo placed in a truck, a few meters from the local vaccination center, went viral. Aztec.

The young people wasted no time and began to cook.  Photo: Televisa
The young people wasted no time and began to cook. Photo: Televisa

The situation occurred in the context of the last day in which young people between the ages of 15 and 18 could receive their second dose in Keeptherefore the lines were very long.

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The anecdote, which took place in the Revolution Boulevard near the military camp, he filled the various social networks with comments where they congratulated the pair of friends, while others also repudiated the action and made fun of it.

A lady wanted to queue to get vaccinated and ended up queuing for a soccer game

In the previous round of 32 of the Copa del Rey, in Spain, the fans of Soccer Club Cartagena They were overwhelmed with emotion. It is that they should be measured against the Valencia, a historic Spanish league, in an all-for-all clash.

This decisive match could accommodate the team of second division among the main cast, therefore thousands of fans flocked to the stadium ticket offices to try to get a ticket. And among those long lines, a lady was looking for a place to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

The woman wanted to get vaccinated but ended up queuing to see the Copa del Rey. Video: Double Yellow Twitter

A journalist who was interviewing the fans of Cartagena, asked the protagonist “I imagine that you are here because of the entrance of this great match.” Confused, the lady answered no, while the interviewer retorted “Why are you standing in line?” Between laughs, he realized that he was in the wrong place: “Is this not for the Covid vaccine?”.

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