A guide to the coolest bangs of the moment

It’s definitely his time, though really, when isn’t it? But now fringe it’s really devastating, even if it’s summer and it’s hot because, come on, it’s sure to have the power to change up your hair in an instant, always giving you a dose of cuteness. Because, frankly, no style satisfies the desire to change more than fringe.

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Thus, we see him appearing everywhere on social media. In fact, there are many influencers and celebrities who show themselves on Instagram and TikTok with fashion models with fringe. You really see them in all forms, with names that are reminiscent of a wide variety of looks and styles, from classic birkin bang, which pays homage to Curtain Bang’s famous Seventies-inspired style all the way to a brand new Jellyfish.

There really is something for every taste, you just have to choose what suits you best and give us a break. However, being in all respects a style detail, the fringe must be masterfully executed, first of all, taking into account the harmony of the features and personality of its owner.
Until we show you all the hottest and who they suit, but feel free to choose the one that makes your heart beat faster. Warning: will be difficult to decide.

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Drapery bangs

Things: we all know curtain fringe, super trendy in the 70s and back in fashion in recent years. There bangs draperyin fact, it is an update of the increasingly popular “Shutter” bangs. Jennifer Lopez, Sydney Sweeney AND Hoyoung Jung From squid game I’m already a fan. The difference between a fringe and a curtain that opens at the center of the forehead (much like a curtain on a window) is that the drapery is a longer and more glamorous version, half-up with bangs, and the strands reach to the chin.
Who is shown: perfect for those who have a round face because it takes it out.

uneven bangs

Things: volatile explosion it’s the bangs that look best on the side, halfway between curtain bangs and straight bangs. Located on both sides of the face, the bangs literally cascade in an uneven fashion with a scaling and blending trend that is not necessarily symmetrical. The length of the fringe becomes shorter as you move towards the central parting. Fragmented and divided into strands, it perfectly frames any face. Rihanna has been showing it off lately.
Who is shown: if you have trouble losing weight, this is the perfect type of bangs to cover them up.

McDonald’s explosion

Things: The fringe of McDonald’s takes its name from the famous American burger chain and, in fact, resembles its logo, as it is formed by two soft and long, slightly curtained arches. Soaring and airy, it resembles a fringe Farrah Fawcett. His comeback is, of course, TikTok, where a modern interpretation of Swedish influencer Mathilde Jerf has racked up millions of views, with the hashtag surpassing 195 million. Also Millie Bobby Brown Flaunt: Easy to manage, just spray on the texturizing spray and work it into the roots for volume.
Who is shown: suitable for those with shoulder-length or long hair, preferably wavy.

Thin bangs

Things: this term indicates a type of light and thin bangs, which is characterized by natural softness: it consists of strands of hair located unevenly along the line of the eyebrows. The effect of slightly tousled bangs is created, which gives a daring and very chic look. Whispy is especially loved by the stars (she also conquered the peaks Helena Christensen) for its ability to delicately frame the face and add a touch of glamor to any age and any haircut.
Who is shown: perfect for thick hair and long bobs. Its versatility makes it suitable for any face as it can be modeled to suit forehead height and shape.

Mini bangs

Things: we are talking about the classic short bangs cut in the middle of the forehead with non-rounded corners, as a rule, full and graphic. Athlete until recently Matilda de Angelis, she was seen on Katy Perry present in the stands of the Wimbledon tournament. Gives masculinity and individuality, emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones. It can be styled with haircuts of various lengths and also works well with curly hair.
Who is shown: Especially those with an oval face and dark hair.

jellyfish explosion

Things: so it is called Medusa, because it is so narrow that it resembles the tentacles of a mythological sea animal. The inspiration this time is the style of the 90s and, in particular, the image of Pamela Anderson of the time, but now it becomes more elegant and glamorous, because it is deprived of that richness of volume, updated in accordance with the philosophy less – more how they (of) show Dua Lipa AND Camila Cabello who have recently contacted her. Easy to try, these very long bangs (different from Choppy because they are less thick) integrate back into the cut if we regret it as it affects a very small part of the hair and being then blunt it can easily blend into the hair. .
Who is shown: great for fine hair, creates a pleasant movement without removing excess hair, because it remains almost invisible.

side bangs

Things: we watched it Selena Gomez. Side bangs are one of those classic and versatile styles that have stood the test of time. Slightly longer than straight bangs, side bangs can hide fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. It can be worn at different lengths and adapts to any hair type and texture, skin tone and age. No wonder no matter how many trends come and go, this look never goes out of style.
Who is shown: suitable for everyone.

birkin explosion

Things: beloved by celebrities of caliber Jenna Ortega, Lily Collins, Anne Hathaway And Emily Ratajkowski (who wears it all) of course it’s a fringe inspired by the beloved Jane Birkin. These are full and long bangs, French style, tucked up to the brows or even below to touch the eyes, which gives a natural, light and airy look, rather than stiff and structured like other types of sharper long bangs and geometric. The current version tends to be more simple in style and movement, with a slight opening in the center to allow for some separation of the buns as well as easier control of the bangs.
Who is shown: ideal for both straight and long hair, as well as medium and short wavy hair, has the ability to adapt to any type of face, allowing you to make the most of it, as it does not harden the features.

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