A historical journalist from a well-known channel will be for resign: why?


The journalist Mnica Gutirrez will be considering giving up to Journals of the Late (The Thirteen) by problems with the manufacture. On the other hand, the rating is not accompanying the former host of America.

Since its debut, a few weeks back, lost with the program Vernica Lozano of Phone and already there since the cry against the production company Tangerine. “It is not what they promised me”, will said Gutirrez to their environment intimate filming.


“The program est thought of for these first three months of the year. Like all programs, it is modelndose on the fly, because the programs of television are a living thing and that goes in harmony with the audience, you’re going modelndolo the comps gives gives. Unfortunately, the topics of the moment ms are strong in the ‘femicide’. We are at an inflection point,” said the journalist.

Source: lmneuqun.