A hot tea of lemon and baking soda does not eliminate the coronavirus


A tea with lemon and baking soda does not eliminate the coronavirus, as it ensures a message viralizado through WhatsApp and social networks that attributed the origin of this “concoction almost divine” to Israel and ensures that, therefore, the COVID-19 are not concerned in this country, an assertion equally false.

The message claims that the information on this “recipe” comes from Israelwhere “this virus did not cause any concern”, and is to mix lemon with baking soda “and take as a hot tea every afternoon”, something that “kills in an immediate way the virus” and “it completely removes it from your body”.

Such a statement comes sustained by the following argument: “These two components alkalinize the immune system, because, when night falls, the system is acidified and lower the defenses”.

DATA: The mixture of lemon and baking soda in hot water does not serve to combat the coronavirus or alkalise the body. Nor is it true that the COVID-19, no worry in Israel, a country in which there are already more than six thousand infected, among them the minister of Health.

It has not been shown that no food or drink to protect against the coronavirus. Dr. Jaime Ward, of the Scientific Council of the Official College of Doctors of Madrid (Icomem), remember that the own World Health organization (WHO) and other official bodies have been pronounced in this sense.

In the same way, the Spanish health authorities require that “no special precautions” with food “to avoid this infection.” As stated in a document of the Ministry of Health, with “questions and answers” on the COVID-19 drafted by the Coordination Center Alerts and Health Emergencies.

In terms of the so-called “alkalization of the immune system” by consuming a mixture of lemon and soda, nutrition experts have already explained that there is no such relationship beneficial cause-and-effect between diet and strengthening the immune system immunological.

“In healthy people, the diet did not affect significantly the pH of the blood, although it may alter the of the urine,” says the Nutrition expert Joe Leech in the portal of health “Healthline”.

Finally, the claim that the virus has not caused “any concern” in Israel is incompatible with the reality of a country where, according to the data of this Thursday, the COVID-19 has already collected 32 lives and has infected more than 6,200 people, including the minister of Health, the ultra-orthodox Yaakov Litzman.

– Doctor Jaime Ward, of the Scientific Council of the Illustrious Official College of Doctors of Madrid (Icomem).
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