A humanitarian boat rescues 500 migrants in the Mediterranean

The French NGO SOS Méditerranée reported Friday that SOS Méditerranée’s humanitarian ship Ocean Viking has carried out 11 rescues in Mediterranean waters off the Italian island of Lampedusa in the past two days, saving more than 500 migrants .

“We have carried out 11 rescues, which took more than 42 hours and rescued more than 500 people” “Ocean Vikings” said in a statement that the organization is based in Marseille in southeastern France.

“Rescue operations in the search and rescue zone between Tunisia and Lampedusa are still ongoing”He added.

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SOS Méditerranée ships to receive this Thursday “Italian Rescue Coordination Center orders help in case of emergency in southeast Lampedusa”the news agency said in a statement that the NGO AFP.

The central Mediterranean region, linking the coasts of Tunisia and Libya with the Italian coast, is the most dangerous migration route in the world, according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

As many as 1,848 migrants drowned in the region between January and mid-August this year, up from 1,417 in all of 2022.

Source: Teram.

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