A Jennifer Lopez appear without the extensions, and with an average mane, which he wore on his 2000


After surprising us with the a great mane extended for her performance at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago Jennifer Lopez he decided to go back to your roots. And the fact is that, even though the singer will be amazed by the distinction of long hair-one of the attributes that are most prominent in the film, you know that the court midi it is also the one setting the insurancein addition to the a lot more comfortable for you. In the month of November, we surprised him by cutting his shoulder-length hair, an image that you have shared with your hair stylist to trust, and Chris Appleton, who, in turn, is also the one to the other celebrities how to Kim Kardashian or is Dua Lipa-now it was I will say goodbye to those inches and it was released with no extensions. But far and away the bet by alisad, back to the world of the clusters are markedby making clear that the the volume of your hair to the natural environment is also favorable it is molded with the plates, or toaster.

jennifer lopez

In a way, the more calm down than usual, and with a the waves surferas surprised by the girl to her millions of followers with his half-mane-out-of-style – unique, a look at what has been shown in a number of publicationsand shared on your profiles in social networks, in which it appears with a microphone in hand, wearing sports clothing, and is accompanied by the coach vocals Stevie Mackey on the piano. But as if that weren’t enough to leave you spellbound with its army of onlinea few minutes later, he sent a video in which the two appeared interpretation of the theme Love don’t cost a thing, the singer, who released it in 2000 the time at which it was usual to see it mane midi curly when I went to the event and the red carpet.

jennifer lopez's changing look

But Jennifer Lopez is not the only one celebrity the one that’s been going on lately, a “mane” extended cut midi in a matter of minutes, but in that of the women of the the clan Images also are some faithful followers of this trendas Selena GomezBella Hadid, or Miley Cyrus. The examples show that, even though it is easier to make a decision like this, when you have a team of stylists behind you, that you advised, the middle mane has been placed in one of the looks of the most sought-after the world famous, and we know the trends and what they dictate, if they become viral in a matter of hours, and that’s why this spring and summer, if you want to go to the last one, to be fresh, and to avoid the enredones, cortarnos a few inches over it will be the best choice.

jennifer lopez's wavy