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A Kardashian will narrate an esports tournament

Khloe kardashian has announced that it will narrate the first tournament of esports from the popular game Candy Crush Saga. A surprising news, and is that the last thing we might have imagined was seeing the Kardashian surname related to electronic sports, whatever the title was. Although in the case of Candy Crush, the decision fits us a bit more, a game of enormous popularity on mobile devices, which will try to attract a large audience to this tournament.

The tournament will be played from September 23 to October 7, and all players above level 25 will be able to participate in it. Khloe Kardashian announced her participation through an announcement on her Instagram account, which also featured figures such as NFL player and legend, Rob Gronkowski, and singer Doja Cat.

Khloe Kardashian has announced that other celebrities will join her during the event, but no names have been given about the rest of the commentators. Candy Crush’s first step in the esports starts with big influencers and personalities from the entertainment world advertising their entry. Will this tournament be successful?

The Kardashians set trends

The Kardashian family led by Kim are a trendsetting machine. The participation of one of the sisters, in this case Khloe, in a tournament of esports It is one of the most curious anecdotes that we have seen in recent times.

Although Candy Crush is a very specific game and not aimed at the usual esports audience, this tournament and the person who will narrate it can attract new people to the competitive world. Will this experience help the Kardashians invest in esports in the future? We must not rule out anything, and this family has a very good eye for business.

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