A key fact that can help Racing with River

For Racing, the game against River is a true final. While there are still a handful of games on the way to the end of the Professional League, what happens on Thursday can be decisive. A hinge meeting in the face of qualifying for the Cups. In this case, the Academy is outside the South American Cup qualification zone and needs to win to get back on that list.

Of course, the match against Marcelo Gallardo’s team will not be easy at all. First, for the moment that Racing is going through, which is having a hard time adding three and then because they will have the best team in the tournament in front of them. Although an event occurred that can considerably favor the Academy in the face of the match at the Monumental. What happened? The blow that Gimnasia delivered to Talleres, with the 5-2 win, not only had an impact on La Plata and Córdoba. Lobo’s triumph paved the way for River considerably, which, by tying against Racing, will be champion.

The success of the team led by Néstor Gorosito put him in the qualification zone for the South American Cup in 2022 and led the Millionaire to be one step away from conquering a star in the Professional League. Of course, those three points that Gimnasia added also made the Academy go down one notch in the annual table. Therefore Gago’s team needs to win in order not to lose ground and pass the Wolf on that table.

Racing against River
Gago has to rearm the defense due to the loss of Sigali. And they will be missing Mena and Rojas again. Photo: @RacingClub

Although the fans of all the clubs do not like to be part of other people’s parties, there are different moments. In this case, the expectant situation in which River was left may, perhaps, leave a favorable psychological element for the Academy. Or at least, generate that those of Fernando Gago cling to the possibility that River, knowing that the point reaches him for glory, unconsciously does not dispute the match with the same offensive voracity without the obligation of having to win yes or no Yes.

The important absences of Racing in the background to visit River

With the losses of Leonardo Sigali (suspended due to accumulation of yellows), Eugenio Mena and Matías Rojas (torn), and after the 2-1 defeat against Colón, Racing must avoid false steps in a classic that left them immediate negative antecedents. For the victory of Gymnastics, the Academy needs to win urgently. It is necessary to return to the South American area and move the Wolf (he has 49, two more points).

Although Racing showed an idea of ​​the game and was superior to almost all its rivals, the result was not good. In the four games that Gago has directed, the results are in debt: he only took three out of 12 units. Already in the final stretch of the championship, the team should not allow itself to lose more beans.

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