A little-known spa hotel in Buenos Aires

they are around 20 rooms with private bathrooms, TV, air conditioning, cleaning service and American breakfast.Additionally, they offer Free parking.

There are hot springs Three indoor swimming pools with different temperatures, whirlpool, static waterfall and hydrothermal sauna. besides 5 outdoor hot spring pools, Mud therapy as well as changing rooms and toilet departments.

Thermal water contains high levels of calcium chloride, magnesium, iron salts and iodine bromide salts, which give it important therapeutic properties and its characteristic red color.

comment of Visitors who visit them highlight the attention paid to the place, the outdoor swimming pool and the surrounding park, as well as the “spectacular” water.Apart from The food in the restaurant is very good, with a wide variety and very affordable prices.

There are some Promotions available. For example, keep 10% off 2 nights Discount, 20% off for 3 nights, 25% off for 4 nights or more leave of Monday to Friday. Excludes Saturdays or holidays.

s price The price for a two-person room is about $49,500 per night, which includes passes to the entire spa, spa, towels and breakfast, and comes with a garage and guided tours. ($44,900 cash). About $61,500 per night for four people ($55,900 in cash).

he The price is just for a day in the hot spring pools (indoor and outdoor):

  • Adults: $5,500.
  • Retirees: $4,400.

The spa also offers massage Relaxation, relaxation, lymphatic drainage, cold or hot stones.any option $7,500.

Other services include Bike rentals, guided hikes, and private access to Colorado River beaches. So in addition to soaking in hot springs, you can also take the opportunity to take a walk and learn about the surrounding environment of the town. Highly recommended holiday destination.

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