A look at the life and career of the American actress and singer

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, TexasDaughter of Mexican-born Ricardo Gomez, and Italian-born former theater actress Mandy Teffi, who names her daughter in honor of singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez, also a Texan of Mexican descent, very famous between the late 80s and early 90s, tragically murdered at only 23 years old (film) selenastarring Jennifer Lopez, rebuilds her life and career).
Selena Gomez’s parents, who were still teenagers at the time of her birth, separated when their daughter was five and the family often went through moments of financial hardship; Little Selena has an interest in acting thanks to her mother, who is an actress in some theatrical productions.And so he decided to try his luck by moving to Los Angeles.

beginning of television

Selena got her first role in 2002With part of Gianna, one of the kids who are next to the purple dinosaur barney In the TV series of the same name, an educational program for very young children he appears for a certain number of episodes. However, the turning point comes disney channelThe early 2000s as we know it saw the start of the careers of many baby stars with a plethora of TV series and movies: one of them is naturally Miley Cyrus, the star of hannah montana, a teenage singer with a double life; in 2007 Selena Gomez participates in three episodes of the series, in the role of rival pop star Mikayla, and in the same period she again filmed some pilot episodes of programs for the same broadcaster, which are no longer developed. However, she continued to audition for Disney, who saw potential in her, until she was cast as the protagonist of a new series, wizards of waverly, also aimed at a pre-teen audience; his character, Alexandra ‘Alex’ Russo, second child of an Italian-Mexican family of magicians who lives right in Waverly Place, New York, where she and her brothers must develop and refine their powers, but keep them hidden from mere mortals. The series became one of Disney Channel’s flagship programs, where it would air for four seasons; Program initials, other than title all is not what it seemsis played by Selena Gomez herself, who, parallel to the actress, will inaugurate very successful career as a singer, with both bands selena gomez and the scene than single: With millions of albums and singles sold, and many songs that have become legends, we can truly say that she is one of those artists who has equal parts recording success and cinematic and television success.
In addition to TV series, Gomez is also the protagonist of some feature films made for the home video market: another Cinderella Story (sequel) Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff) and Princess Protection ProgramWith Demi Lovato, another Disney star of the time.

film career

in the cinema, after the appearance Mission 3D – Game Over Her first major roles in family comedies, by Robert Rodriguez Ramona and Beezus with Joey King, based on the novel by Beverly Cleary, and in Monte CarloAbout three friends’ European trip after high school.

A turning point in his career comes with film Spring Breakers – A Wonderful Vacation, directed by Harmony Korine, author of controversial films that are well known in the indie scene: the film, a story of a group of friends’ wild spring vacation amid drugs, gangsters and much more, is discussed in particular for the presence of some teen stars in uncredited roles (it also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson); Selena plays the role of Faith, the more cautious of the group, but the role still marks a transformation and a partial shift in their public perception.
After this Gomez did a lot of shooting independent filmsoften brought to us straight to home video: action thrillers escape routeFamily drama with Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight i leave you my song Comedy, with Billy Crudup, directed by William H. Macy Very…bad behavior!play again becomes charitable with Paul Rudd, Dramatic In Suspicious War – Courage of the LastBased on the novel by John Steinbeck, by and with James Franco.

Selena’s most recent film endeavors have been horror comedies. dead don’t die by Jim Jarmusch and Romantic Comedy a rainy day new yorkWhose path was very difficult: written and directed by Woody Allen, with young actors in the lead roles (the protagonists are Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning), the film was blocked for a long time due to disputes related to the director in the movement. Me toofor which some members of the cast, including Gomez, have donated to the movement time’s up their remuneration or more.

latest hits

More recently, Selena Gomez’s career has taken off thanks to her success. only killings building, the mystery-comedy series that pokes fun at the obsession with true crime, and in which she appears alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short, two show business veterans who in addition to being a well-known duo have performed in theater shows and television specials; brought into the role Gomez received very positive critical acclaim and nominations for various awards, including the Golden Globe.And also won him over to a wider audience.

a personal project

Growing up in the spotlight meant that Selena Gomez’s life was the subject of constant scrutiny and gossip, and she herself has often chosen to be very open about her personal stories: this is reflected in the documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind and Mewas released last year for Apple Tv+, directed by Alek Keshishian, who at the time directed a very successful documentary such as Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991); In my mind and me Selena showed herself to the public Some moments of his personal life and his careerportrays the difficulties of balancing life as a pop star and actress with more delicate aspects, such as physical and mental health problems (she had to undergo a kidney transplant due to lupus, the autoimmune disease she has suffered from for years, and a diagnosis of bipolar), or attempts to resolve issues that are closest to her heart, such as her philanthropic activities and connection to her roots, work and promotional commitments, and her needs.

where can we see it again

The third season of is expected to arrive on Disney+ from August 8. only murders in the building, which will also star Meryl Streep and Ashley Park; Selena Gomez is expected in a crime musical again Emilia Perez Directed by Jacques Audiard alongside Zoe Saldana, in a project titled HoroscopeAbout the life and biopic of a social media addicted influencer in the shadow of the mountainOn the story of Peruvian climber Sylvia Vasquez-Lavado.

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