a lost love in Hollywood

Bizarre discussion involving Keanu Reeves, Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon and a bass that formerly belonged to the Matrix actor

There are many actors who have had a history of potential rock stars. Some of them, in truth, have been almost more successful on stage than on screen. Just think of the limiting case of the very great John Belushiimmortal with The Blues Brothers prematurely passed away when his acting career was at its peak.

Keanu Reeves, a love story emerges from the past – QNM

But also Johnny Depp has never made a secret of loving the rock scene often performing with his band, the Hollywood Vampires, and sharing the scene with established musicians. His first promotional tour after the terrible trial brought against him by his ex-wife Amber Heardwho will have to compensate him for defamation with a check for over 10 million dollars, was with one of his musician friends… the great Jeff Beckrecently passed away. Depp has played with great musicians: Joe Perry from Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Steve Vai. And before returning to the cinema after his legal proceedings, he chose music to return to center stage.

Keanu Reeves and Kim Gordon

Also Keanu Reeves he has a past as a failed rock star. The actor of matrix he’s a good bass player and also had a band that in the mid-80s seemed destined for some success, i dog star. The group released two records and toured with Rancid and Weezer before the film commitments of Reeves would take over. But there are many video tracks of that musical experiment, and numerous testimonies. Some of these speak of a Reeves with long hair and ripped jeans playing a yellow Fender Jazz bass…

The ‘borrowed’ bass

We’re talking about that same low yellow these days. It’s the same as it gives Keanu Reeves mysteriously passes into the hands of the charming and disturbing Kim Gordon, founder of the Sonic Youth, one of the most significant figures in alternative rock.

Controversial and very modern musician, extremely aggressive, Kim Gordon he is what could be defined as a polyhedral figure. He has written books, essays, an illustrated diary. You have directed short films, exhibited photos and sculptures, also designing your own clothing line.

Keanu Reeves these days at the cinema with the fourth chapter of John Wick – QNM

“I left it in good hands”

Active since the 80s, i Sonic Youth are back in the news these days for a series of interviews that see Kim Rogers and Keanu Reeves bring each other into the conversation. Rogers was asked about that yellow bass played in the video of 100%. And she with a smile said “not to remember where it came from”.

Actually the bass in the video would have been given away by Reeves to one of the technicians of dog star who would then work in the rehearsal room with i Sonic Youth. Band with which the actor dreamed of being able to perform. At the time there was also talk of a story between him and Rogers. Rumor never confirmed.

But to a specific question…”what do you think, would you have liked to be in Rogers place with your bass in that video” Reeves elegantly replied: “I love Sonic Youth, they’ve always been cool, true legends for me. That bass? I don’t remember it but if Kim played it and it was mine, with her it was in better hands than mine…”

The video of 100% in which Kim Gordon plays the bass that belonged to Keanu Reeves

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