A man was arrested on the night of his wedding because he owed several months of alimony from his ex-wife

Social networks exploded due to a failed marriage in Ecuador which should have been suspended for a more than curious reason: the groom was arrested in the middle of the church, shortly after they were married.

The sequence happened in the town of The Guabo, in the province of Gold, Ecuador, where a couple hoped to be able to marry with total peace of mind. However, the act was overshadowed because the police broke into the church with an arrest warrant against the groom. The reason is that the man had a debt of several months for the alimony of his ex-partner, who made the complaint.

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How was the arrest in the middle of the wedding

The Ecuadorian National Police arrived at the door of the church where the ceremony took place and he waited until the boyfriend came out so he could stop him. There, more than one guest – stunned by the situation – took out his cell phone to record the unusual moment.

A man was arrested on the night of his wedding because he owed several months of alimony from his ex-wife

The tension in the environment rose because the family and friends of the arrested boyfriend tried to prevent him from being arrested by the police, which generated disturbances in the vicinity of the church.

Even in the video you can see how one of the women who was struggling with the police screamed “Don’t let it go up”, in a failed attempt to the man was not transferred in the police car.

But despite the attempts of those close to him, the troops finally took him into custody.

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There will be a party?

The images also show that while the groom entered the patrol car and was taken away by the police, the bride cried and screamed. Several guests tried to comfort her, while one of them took care of her dress, with a long train.

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For the moment the outcome of the celebration is unknown, which was interrupted by action of the police officers.

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