A mate of Riverdale confirmed by mistake the shine of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart


Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart
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Accidentally, the dad of Cole Sprouse in Riverdale, Skeet Ulrich confirmed the shine of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. The actor shared an Instagram Live with his girlfriend Meghan Blake Irvin where they answered several questions from her fans and when one of them asked: “Do you think that Lili and Cole make a nice couple?” he replied: “I think they WERE a nice couple”.

Yes, Skeet, you used the past tense: “were” and if that gave rise to doubts, Irwin repeated throughout the prayer and emphasized the “were”. The couple also commented that they are both very nice people.

Up to the time neither Cole nor Lili have made statements about it but their fans speculated through social networks they had finished in April. Some of his fans believe that he cheated on her with Kaia Gerberhowever, at that time they both denied the rumor.

Others of his followers were concerned because the mom of Lili and her sister left to follow Cole on Instagram and also noticed that Lili deleted several photos in which they appeared together.

Cole Sprouse and Lili
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In the summer of last year, they spread rumors that they had finished and since then they have kept their relationship more private. In 2019 shared the tributes of birthday that you made to each other (which were already deleted) and in the after party Vanity Fair Oscar caused some controversy because of to be avoided at all costs.

At the start of the quarantine they were both in different cities. Lili Reinhart was in Vancouver, and now the two are in Los Angeles though you are not living together.

In April, a source close to the couple confirmed to E! News in April they were still together. “Lili and Cole are still together. Have not been in quarantine together, but have not separated. Their relationship is always up and downbut they talk every day and care about one another. Lili and Cole have been trying to be more discreet”.