“A Million Miles Away” Film About Mexican Astronaut Jose Hernandez

Stories of Mexican success will continue to fill the screens.it’s coming in september a million miles awaya film based on the true story of Mexican-born astronaut Jose Hernandez.

Trailer, date and premiere location a million miles away

this movie is Directed by Mexican Alejandra Márquez Abela, who is also behind movies like this girl is nice (2018), episodes of the third season Narcos: Mexico and north above the void (2022). The latter received multiple nominations at the 2023 Ariel Awards.

Astronaut José Hernández’s head of translation is actor michael pena. You remember him for the first two Ant-Man movies, and for bringing Kiki Camarena to life in Ant-Man. Narcos: Mexico.

a million miles away Premieres Sept. 15 on Prime Video.

The True Story of Astronaut Jose Hernandez

Chances are you also dreamed of going to space at some point in your childhood. No matter how crazy that goal may sound, very few people do everything they can to achieve it.

That was the case for Jose Hernandez Moreno, the son of Mexican immigrants from Rapida, Michoacan.

as you can see in the trailer a million miles away He spent most of his life on the “California Circuit” between Mexico and the United States.

His family works the fields, so he travels from Mexico to Southern California every March to harvest strawberries and cucumbers in the Stockton area.

At Christmas and the beginning of the year, his family returns to Mexico, and each spring they resume their travels.

dream of going to space

Astronaut José Hernández said in an interview with NASA that his dream became a goal during his senior year of high school, in the mid-’80s.

“While I was hoeing a row of beets in a field near Stockton, California, I heard on the radio that Frank Chan-Diaz had been drafted into the astronaut corps,” Hernandez said.

as context, Frank Chang DiazCosta Rican, is the third Latino, but first latin american immigrant NASA astronauts choose to go into space.

After high school, Jose Hernandez attended Pacific University in Stockton. He graduated as an electrical engineer and received a full scholarship to a graduate program at UC Santa Barbara, where he continued his engineering studies.

In the 1990s, her work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory contributed to new tools for the early detection of breast cancer.

Astronaut Jose Hernandez
Astronaut José Hernández, an STS-128 mission specialist, is helped don a training version of his spacesuit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.Photo: NASA

In 2001, Hernandez joined the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Three years later, NASA rejected astronaut training eleven times, Jose Hernandez inducted in May 2004.

He remained on various technical missions until July 15, 2008 when he was selected as mission specialist for STS-128. Launched on August 28, 2009, the plane was his first trip into space.

Jose Hernandez NASA
Mission Specialist STS-128 astronaut José Hernández operates controls on the flight deck of space shuttle Discovery as it docks to the International Space Station on Aug. 31, 2009. Photo: NASA

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