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A Minecraft fan built an impressive steampunk-style ship

A talented builder of Minecraft has recently completed his project of a magnificent steampunk aircraft that floats high in the skies. The construction would fit perfectly in a watchmaking city that was built by a group of talented Minecrafters in the distinctive style. steampunk a few months ago.

That remarkable city steampunk from Minecraft It’s an incredibly detailed aerial settlement that took a team of players seven months to build. The central area of ​​the project is occupied by the city with cleverly stylized buildings and a huge clockwork that overshadows the entire scene. The air town is surrounded by nearly a dozen smaller airships and districts, held aloft by giant balloons. Although the project itself is fascinating, even more impressive is the timelapse video below that shows the process of creating the city in about ten minutes of accelerated images.

On the incredibly popular subreddit of Minecraft, user shugoki_is_a_sin has shared a magnificent airship steampunk, which looks like a compact aerial city with its characteristic cameras. The project gives the impression of being a habitable, almost living construction that closely resembles the industrial design of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, from which the builder was inspired. The project is completed with a meticulously designed interior, and a download of the world is available to all. One might imagine that getting into the elevated airship could be a difficult task involving Minecraft’s elytra, but the author has revealed that there is another more suitable way from a practical point of view. The player built a redstone cannon that accurately launches them into the aircraft with a perfectly timed blast of TNT.

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Another player from Minecraft has recently taken a similar approach to turning huge machines into thriving settlements. This architect created an abandoned container ship in Minecraft that has been converted into a small town with numerous cabins and cabins. Thanks to the trees and excess foliage, the project looks almost like an ordinary town. However, the true nature of the city is betrayed by the fact that it is perched atop huge cargo ship containers, making it like a Borderlands location.

Make a house a home in Minecraft It is not that complicated, but turning a floating aerial machine into a cozy home is a worthy undertaking. The aircraft builder has clearly demonstrated that there are numerous opportunities for talented creators to share their vision by doing something unique and extraordinary, even a dozen years after the game’s initial release. The magnificent machine looks charming, making Minecraft fans wish they were skylords steampunk.

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