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Modders are working very hard on Hogwarts Legacy and, inevitably, they’re trying to meet some fan requests with their own modsuch as playing as Harry Potterthe protagonist of the books from which the Wizarding World in which the game is set was born.

Obviously this is a stretch, given the decades that passed between the facts told in the game and the birth of Harry, but it is an irrelevant detail for potterheads.

Actually the mods that introduce Harry Potter are already there two. The first, Classic Harry Potter for Hogwarts Legacy, was created by modder Chris Rubino, while the second, Daniel Radcliffe (that’s the name of the actor who plays Potter in the movies) was created by modder Crazy Potato.

Those who have tried both have stated that the model of Radcliffe Ruby’s mod is closer to the actual actor than Crazy Potato’s mod, but as they are both free you can try them out and judge for yourself.

It is interesting that the mods allow you to use all the hairstyles of the character editor and that the default voice used is the closest to that of the actor, in order to have total involvement, while leaving a certain margin for customization . Crazy Potato is also the author of the Emma Watson mod, which allows you to play as Hermione. Now we just have to wait for a mod that allows us to play as Ron, or one dedicated to Tom Orvoloson Riddle.

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