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A mother lashing out at the district health system seeks answers for her son’s health.
The lack of management a few years ago led to children being transferred to Puerto Blanca or to their homes, sometimes due to lack of professionals, children’s hospital wards were closed and the woman was shot dead.

Melissa, the mother of Augustine Jr., devastated by her son’s health and having to confront the reality of social work, the state and its authorities without solutions, decides to make her story public.

“I tell you in the best possible way. It doesn’t make me vulnerable anymore, or pride, or anything!
This is Augustine, a child with cerebral palsy (the underlying disease) who contracted pneumonia a month ago and is being treated at home under the guidance of a pediatrician. He was discharged on July 19, and on the 26th of the same month, we went to the general hospital again to consult his pediatrician because he developed a fever and cough. She told us that she took us in to better control the situation. We went to the Naval Hospital that morning for admission, they only did a checkup (dish and blood test) because there was no pediatrician on a Wednesday, in order to receive him, we had to return at 5:00 pm, we stayed … Also, note Very concentrated!
Friday night at 8:00 the pediatric ward is closed because once again there is no pediatrician to control the hospitalized child, so they refer you to Bahia, or you go home…
We got home with a temperature of 39.8°C, but treatment will continue until Monday, when he will be seen again by his pediatrician at the polyclinic.
As of today, I haven’t seen any improvement in my son, but what should I do? Where should I take it? who saw me?
Guys, let’s look at IOSFA Social Work! what happened? Which little pocket did the money go into? Spend a few pesos and pay the pediatrician to keep them in the hospital… Do you think it’s fair that we have to go through this after all the beautiful discounts (including bonuses) that are offered during the holy months?
HNPB has no supplies, well…it even happens there, but at least the pediatrician stays, the doctor stays!
Tired of the filthy sanitation system they leave us…
May God continue to hold my son’s hand!
And I’m not interested in personal threats anymore, eh!
One piece at a time, but look what we’re going through…”

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