A new animal model of respiratory distress syndrome has been developed at the IDIBAPS Clinic in Barcelona

The research, which has been carried out in pigs, recapitulates features of the human disease, which will allow further research to evaluate therapeutic strategies such as ECMO.

The fact that animal models of respiratory distress syndrome do not faithfully reproduce the features of the human disease hampers the application of laboratory findings … + read more

Universal flu vaccine sees positive preclinical results

It protects against types A and B and induces cellular and humoral immunity, even in old age. + read more

Brief senolytic treatment restores neurogenesis in aged animals

In addition to eliminating senescent cells in the central nervous system, it enhanced the response of neural progenitor cells to brain injury. + read more

Bone regeneration has an important immunological component

A study describes the critical role of macrophage polarization in regeneration induced by low-dose ionizing radiation. + read more

Oligonucleotides restore bone mass in an osteoporosis model

Its dual mechanism of action and low cytotoxicity open up a potential new avenue for the treatment of bone fragility. + read more

National team pinpoints key role of transthyretin in obesity-associated cardiac fibrosis

Bioinformatics studies suggest an association between TTR and mediators of ER stress. + read more

Bamberg Health digs deeper into ‘One Health’ at next event

One Health Summit will be held in a hybrid format on March 21, bringing together political leaders and public health officials from around the world + read more

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