A new song from the Stones will be released at 18:00 (with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder!), and a new song from U2 tomorrow morning!

Have a wonderful musical weekend!

Look out for the new Rolling Stones song at 6:00 pm with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder (Sweet Sounds Of Heaven) here!

Here’s a new Ed Sheeran album and a new title from U2!!

Residents of the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas will receive a pleasant surprise on the same day. U2 performed a previously unreleased song from the studio “Atomic City”. From September 29 to December 16, there will be a morso in honor of Las Vegas, or the band’s residency at the MSG Sphere.

The fiery performance here is the subject of a video clip in front of numerous cameras that capture Bono from all angles. Actor Larry Mullen Jr. is on stage for the occasion, even as he gives his blessing to others. The evening was filled with Bram Van Den Berg for the band’s concerts in the big dome of Vegas.

Les Stones

They’re back again. After 18 years without a new name, the Rolling Stones returned to the scene with a new album called Hackney Diamonds.

To announce the arrival of a new studio album at parties, the Rolling Stones and more after the main demise. The group implemented a terrible communications marketing strategy.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were stationed in Hackney, east London, for an exclusive interview with showbiz star Jimmy Fallon, which is rebroadcast worldwide on YouTube.

The Rolling Stones keep the tension and prove it in a new way. This meeting is dedicated to days in public life and in the press. The origins of this album were mysteriously announced in a local magazine for PR purposes, offering fans of the band the chance to enjoy their greatest entertainment ever.

After the announcement of the new album, the authors were happy to hear it. Our colleagues at the BBC have previously flagged possible collaborations with artists such as Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder or even Paul McCartney. The song titled Don’t Get Angry With Me, released a few days ago, was premiered on the website today to satisfy fans.

Some titles of 12 songs from this album were released: Dreamy Skies, Tell Them Straight, Don’t Get Angry With Me, as well as the first single Angry.

Clip for this chanson a d’ailleurs été voilé en avant-première, dedicated to y voit l’actress d’Euphoria et White Lotus by Sydney Sweeney.

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