A note for healthcare workers in the capital weekend

Over the weekend, the System for Emergency and Disaster Medical Assistance (SAMEC) provided 184 in-person care visits for a variety of reasons, including:

43 people in traffic accidents

10 seizures per person

6 Patients with decompensated diabetes

14 For those who have trouble breathing

6 suicide attempt

25 Injuries and Assaults

24 Domestic Violence

In addition, 466 calls were made between 7am on Saturday 12th and 7am on Monday 14th.

mother and baby

The Maternity and Children’s Hospital notified the following news from 8:00 p.m. Friday, 12th to 8:00 a.m. Monday, 14th:

In adult care, a total of 343 patients were treated, of whom 53 were hospitalized. There are 117 obstetrics, 154 gynecology and 72 medical clinics.

The Pediatric Guard admitted 781 patients, 38 of whom were hospitalized. Among them, there were 144 cases of respiratory system diseases, 65 cases of various traumas, and 37 cases of gastroenteritis.

There were 40 live births: 22 males and 18 females.

lord of miracles

The emergency room at the Señor del Milagro hospital admitted 217 patients over the age of 15 on Saturday and Sunday. Most medical claims are for cases of gastroenteritis and nasopharyngitis.

Arturo Onativia

Thirty-two patients were admitted urgently to the Arturo Oñativia Hospital with the main causes: diabetic ketoacidosis, urinary insufficiency, diabetic foot, chronic renal failure.

Miguel Lagon

On-duty service staff at the Dr. Miguel Ragone Mental Health Hospital treated 21 patients who, depending on the circumstances, needed psychological or spiritual assistance, or both.

saint bernard

At San Bernardo Hospital, 748 people were on call from 8 o’clock on Friday the 11th to 8 o’clock on Monday the 14th.

Of those treated, 162 were hospitalized.

A total of 118 people were injured, 71 of them in traffic accidents:

40 motorcyclists

23 passers-by

7 drivers

1 cyclist

In addition, 42 patients referred by other medical centers were counted among the number of on-call visits.

pope francisco

A total of 226 patients were admitted to Papa Francisco Hospital: 218 patients due to various emergencies, 1 accident, 3 laboratory requests from General Lavinia and Guemes and from Chicoana, Seri 4 patients in Ilhos, Guachipas and La Cileta.

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