A number of NBA Star Donates to the workers stadium.


The impact of the most severe corona and experienced Board of Directors all of the workers in the stadium.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW YORK-Basketball competition from the United States of America (USA) or NBA 2019/2020 had to be stopped for a moment by the rise of the outbreak of the corona virus, which is severe in the Land of Uncle Sam. In the form of concern for the fellow human beings, some of the star players in the NBA take the initiative and give donations.

The end of the contest, the sport, football, MotoGP, and the NBA is certainly harmful to a lot of parties. The impact of the most serious of the expert Board of the workers in the stadium. The reason you are to live, each game will be kept.

“As players, we want to do something to dispel with the owners and trainers, the sadness during this time,” said stars Golden States Warrios Stephen Curry reported Tellererpot, Thursday (14/3).

As announced, the former Chairman, the workers at the Chase Center needs to be helped with surgery disorders-game with a million dollars, with donations from the owner of the basketball club, the players and the coach.

According to their own statements, the warriors more than 1,000 employees in various part-time positions to every home game, from the staff to the food state of the security staff.

“This is bigger than basketball, and you in this difficult time, I want to help people, my life and my family more. We can get through this together,” said Giannis Antetokounmpo on his personal Twitter account.

Power forward Milwaukee Bucks announced it, it’s US $ 100,000 donation to the employees of the Fiserv Forum.

Not to be outdone, the young star of the New Orleans Pelicians, Zion Williamson, by senironya. He promised me a great help, the salaries of all the workers stadium for the next 30 days wear.

“Only people who allow our game. A lot of people in New Orleans are still suffering due to hurricane Katrina in 2005.”

So far, the measures or steps, the initiative has also committed, several big clubs in Europe, especially Italy. Inter Milan and AC Milan will be donated to do the hospital, the research in pencegahn virus Covid-19.