A PC sales company has the name “Meta” registered, it wants to sell it for US $ 20 million

Last week Facebook changed the corporate name to Meta, and from what we know it is having several claims for both the name and the logo. And one of the most striking claims is an Arizona company called Meta PC that sells laptops, accessories and custom PCs that has been trademarked with the name “Meta” since August 2021, but is willing to sell it to Zuckerberg for $ 20 million. .

The social media platform retains the Facebook brand, the company itself is now called Meta, named after the idea for a VR / AR metaverse that Zuckerberg has been talking about for a while.

Now Meta PC co-founder Zack Shutt said in an interview that the company signed up in November last year and that none of the team members were aware of Facebook’s plans to change its name to Meta until last week. . Both Shutt and co-founder Joe Darger say they won’t sell the name for less than $ 20 million.

Some believe that Facebook has the necessary rights to acquire the name, and that Meta PC’s trademark application has yet to be granted. There are also many loopholes that a multi-million dollar company like Facebook could exploit if necessary, such as filing an application in another country and using that application date to file in the US.

And as a mockery of all this, Shutt posted a video similar to the one made by Zuckerberg in which the billionaire announced the name change. In the clip from Shutt, he claims that Meta PC is “now Facebook.”

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