A photo from the set of Batgirl gives us an update on the status of Lex Luthor

Photo taken on the set of Batgirl references previous DC movies

The last time we saw lex luthor interpreted by Jesse Eisenberg it was in the Zack Snyder Justice League, where he shared glasses of champagne with slade wilson after revealing the true identity of Batman. Before that, Luthor was sent to the arkham asylum after their plans were made public in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it’s unknown if Eisenberg will ever reprise his role as the villain, batgirl from hbo max seems to offer an update on the supervillain of Superman.

Michael Keaton Batgirl Lex Luthor

Now that the movie batgirl is in production, several photos have surfaced showing various aspects of the set. One of them shows the cover of a magazine that refers to lex luthor is set inside Arkham Asylum and the Capitol Bombing we saw in Batman v Superman perpetrated by Luthor. The headline reads: “Billionaire Villain Lex Luther Hires New Lawyer to Appeal Sentencing.” Curiously, the villain’s name is misspelled.

The interesting thing about all this is that batgirl will have Michael Keaton, which indicates that this story would move away from the entire universe created by Zack Snyder. Also, the last we heard of Luthor at the end of the Snyder’s Justice League was that he had left Arkham, which contradicts the cover. I could that the next movie of Flash (in which will also appear Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batman) that will play with the concept of multiverse within DC, will create a new beginning for the DC Cinematic Universe and give an explanation for this.

Now it remains to be seen whether or not the cover of this magazine is an indication that Jesse Eisenberg will return as lex luthor in batgirl or for another project related to DC.

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