“A player with 43 million followers, has written to me a message…”


Wool Rhoades, american porn actress, she participated in a video for ‘Mike Majlak Vlogs’ and left a curious confession about the attempts of a footballer get in contact with her.

“A player with 43 million followers, followers I have written a message direct…”, says Lana Rhoades. In the video also says that she would like that that player will buy a floor of 18 billion in New York city.

The confession of Fleece Rhoades has done is put the focus on high-level players. Only the elite get to have such an impact on social networks. Also you can hear in the video that the contract of the player would be a millionaire.

Who will be the crack that writes to Wool Rhoades? She has over nine million followers on his profile of Instagram.

Wool Rhoades receives the direct message of a footballer