A Professional Makeup Artist Taught Me How to Cover Up Acne Marks (Instead of Showing It)

it’s impossible to talk about acne scar removal makeupWithout first understanding what they are.In simple terms, when we have acne breakout The damage goes deep, not just to the skin, but to the tissues beneath the skin. When a blemish heals, our body tries to repair the wound and produce collagen. “This substance provides support for the skin,” explains the American Academy of Dermatology Association. “If the body produces too little or too much collagen, then you will see scarring. The type of scar depends on how much collagen the body produces. If not treated in time to heal acne And don’t resist touching the sprouts (raise your hand if you’re innocent), the chances of leaving a mark increase.

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Some treatments to make them disappear at a certified dermatology center are easy to peelthis laser until filler For very deep marks where volume is needed. This should not be confused with hyperpigmentation. Now, to hide such a marker when an important event occurs, its type needs to be identified. But it all starts with preparing the canvas you’re going to work on nicely. explains Andy Alexis, a professional Mexican makeup artist. “I prefer to prep my skin in the most hygienic way possible, using products that don’t give me too much shine because it makes marks and breakouts more prominent,” she told Vogue Mexico and Latin America. For him, the most important thing is to use moisturizing products, such as lotions or hyaluronic acid serums, which are very noble for all skin types. “Then I like to use an oil-control primer, and Tom Ford’s is one of my favorites,” he explains.

The next step is to identify your acne type and color correct it. “There were more red marks and other brown pigments,” he said. “For the first one, I like to use an olive or green concealer to neutralize the area.” On the other hand, for dark or brown marks, experts recommend a salmon concealer.These must be in base makeupColor is removed when skin is prepped and should melt into skin with a pat. “I personally prefer to apply a thin layer of powder over the corrected areas and follow with foundation,” says the professional bridal and celebrity makeup artist.

If you have acne marks, usually when you apply Bronzer In problem areas, these problems become more apparent. According to the artist: “One of the most common mistakes is buying a contour that is too dark or a bronzer that tends to stain acne pigment. It just makes them look darker,” he says.It also warns that this can happen even if you already have base makeup. “In this case, I recommend looking for a foundation that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Since these powders are not as pigmented as bronzers or contouring powders, they prevent marks from becoming more visible and can be better to cover the cheekbones,” she says.Another expert trick is to use the base makeupsince they are a formula with greater coverage, they will give you the tanned effect and at the same time you will cover acne marks. Now that you know everything, it’s time to test out the expert’s advice.

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Andy Alexis is from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. He is an experienced professional makeup artist and expert in wedding, social and celebrity. He teaches classes and updates for makeup artists.

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