A Quiet Place 3, Emily Blunt

Quiet place this is a horror saga that perhaps no one imagined could be received so favorably by both the public and the critics. Director John Krasinki, Quiet place – quiet place released in cinemas in 2018 and became one of the most interesting films of that film season. The story begins after the year 2020 – the accuracy of the date is a little frightening, given the pandemic that broke out that year – the population of the Earth was almost completely destroyed by an alien invasion carried out by blind aliens, but gifted with very sensitive hearing. . The Abbott family is among the few survivors: parents Lee (Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) are trying to survive and protect their children as best they can, communicating with each other only through sign language. This is the premise of this silent and tense film that somehow rewrote the horror genre, where silence is an additional protagonist. In 2020 he arrived at the hall quiet place 2, who found Mr and Mrs Abbott and their family. Cillian Murphy then joined the cast and is currently playing in theaters in the United States, again with Emily Blunt in Oppenheimer – as Emmett, Lee’s friend.

What do we know about A Quiet Place 3?

Shortly before the start of the actors’ strike, and therefore, when the stars were still able to do promotion and performances, Emily Blunt gave an interview Josh Horowitz informs Soon to promote the newest and most beautiful film Christopher Nolan. However, the conversation was not limited to a film about the man who invented the atomic bomb, but allowed the actress to talk about other projects and ambitions. And he also “got” into this information boiler Quiet place 3.

In fact, Emily Blunt claimed to have spoken to her husband John Krasinski about a possible third chapter of the armored alien saga, but with incredible hearing. A discussion that also included co-star Cillian Murphy. There has undoubtedly been a desire to present the third chapter of the saga to the public, but at the same time everyone seems to confirm the fact that the third chapter of the saga will only take place if all parties are involved. John Krasinski knows he’s created a cinematic universe that works, and he probably took the advice that winning teams don’t change. Up to quiet place 3, Emily Blunt says:

Killian and I talked about this last night with John (Krasinski, ed.). We sat together on the roof terrace, drinking wine. And we understood that the film could only be made if we did it all together. I don’t want it to have another director.

Emily Blunt also emphasized that, of course, working on a project with her husband, who also sits on the director’s “throne” for her, is not easy, because in this way the work also risks absorbing the privacy of the two. But this did not prevent her from declaring with absolute certainty that she would not return. Quiet place 3 unless everyone is involved. Meanwhile, before hoping for a third episode, the public will be able to see a feature film spin-off titled Quiet place: day one.

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