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A realistic cosplayer costume looks like something out of Skyrim itself

Skyrim It has become the source for thousands of armor recreations and cosplay renderings, but you will have a hard time finding one as impressive as this one. Shared on Twitter by both Bethesda Game Studios and the official account of Elder scrolls, this “dragon slayer” in Dragonplate armor is a visual spectacle.

Created by Schildwand, a German cosplayer, the heavy armor is almost identical to the one in the game. The manufacture of this equipment in Skyrim requires a blacksmith skill of 100 and an inventory full of dragon bones. In Schildwand’s case, no dragon bones were needed, although it did take an incredible amount of time and talent.

Fantastic Dragonborn cosplay by Schildwand“Bethesda said.”Dragonplate armor looks amazingFrom the sword and helmet to gauntlets and breastplate, the recreation is surprisingly accurate.

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Now what Skyrim prepares for a new release, hopefully renewed interest in its world and its characters. Bethesda recently announced that the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Elder Scrolls 5 will arrive on November 11, offering more than 500 Creation Club items and the Special Edition of the game.

There will also be a “one-time” music event on November 11 to commemorate their anniversary. It doesn’t look like Bethesda is going to hold a cosplay contest, but we’re sure Schildwand would be on the podium if she did.

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