A revolution in the editorial team, following Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, a “built-in” reporter is born

Revolution in the editorial office. While some time ago newspaper sectors were divided into news, foreign, domestic, entertainment or culture, today, at least in the United States, there is a space dedicated to Taylor Swift AND Beyoncé, with journalists who will exclusively cover two of the most important pop stars of our time. It’s happening in America’s largest newspaper, Use todayit’s in Tennesseenewspaper based in Nashville, where the respective directors decided to hire reporters to follow the two music stars 24 hours a day, in two apparently well-paid positions, ranging from approximately $22 to $51 per hour – a salary that, when hired, would be full-time a journalist could earn from 45 thousand to 106 thousand dollars a year.

Beyoncé AND Taylor Swift they will be watched as if they were two candidates in the next presidential election. Letters from applicants are pouring in, especially among fan journalists who believe they have the necessary credentials and profile to best intercept the two newspapers’ request. The two pop stars will be watched in every move, just as they will be watched by journalists. Biden AND Trump in next year’s election campaign.

Take care of Taylor SwiftAccording to headhunters at the publishing company, Gannett Co. Inc. is looking for “an experienced journalist and video journalist who can best represent music and cultural impact Taylor Swift“. The job advertisement says: “The number of amateurs Taylor Swift has grown to unprecedented heights, as has the meaning and value of his music. We’re looking for an energetic writer, photographer, and social media specialist to quench the undeniable thirst for all things Taylor Swift with a constant stream of content across multiple platforms. Covering both the facts and the phenomenon that worries her, the Taylor Swift reporter will explain why the pop star’s influence is expanding in the way she has, what her fan base is like in pop culture, and the impact she has on the world of music and business.” Obviously, the story will be centered around Taylor Swift’s next tour.

Second Christine RobertsChief Content Officer, Gannett: “Just as Taylor Swift’s fan base has grown to unprecedented levels, so has her importance not only in the industry, but in our culture. She shapes a generation and is relevant, influential and innovative, just like us. “

For “Queen Bey“, Gannett is looking for “a reporter who will cover Beyoncé’s music, fashion, cultural and economic influence.” A less detailed request than Swift’s, but still very detailed: “The influence of a superstar and international icon is felt across generations. It has played a role in everything from how the country views race to how women think about their partners. We are looking for an energetic and enterprising journalist, both in writing and video, who can capture the impact Beyoncé Knowles-Carter not only on the many industries in which he operates, but also on society.”

A reporter following Beyoncé must be as prepared for combat as a war correspondent: “The successful candidate will also draw on stories about hiveher protective fan base that promotes the artist’s image and relevance.” According to newspaper ads published this week, the Beyoncé journalist will have to “cover the next commitments in Beyoncé’s career, starting with the end of her billion-dollar tour, for her next initiatives.” In addition to a formal resume, candidates must introduce themselves via video. Pop star fans Swifties Hello hive the whole world, unfortunately for them, will know who I am.

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