A Romanian singer dubbed Will Smith in the latest Disney production. How Much Money Did You Get From Americans (Exclusive)

A well-known Romanian singer was chosen to double the voice of Will Smith in the latest Disney production. The artist is not at the first dubbing project on the big screens. Here’s how much money he got to rent his voice!

What Romanian artist dubbed Will Smith in the last Disney production

Have you seen “Alladin”? The story of the good-hearted street thief who rises to the prince with the help of a genius in a bottle, managed to win the hearts of all Disney fans for the first time in 1992. Since then, the production has had several remakes.

The last one appeared in 2019, and the famous actor Will Smith plays the role of the spirit. He also needed someone to double him, and the best choice turned out to be the Romanian Dan Helciug.

The singer is also a puppet actor. Which is why he often rents his voice in extremely well-known cartoon movies. Dan Helciug has also appeared in numerous commercials.

“I earn money by dubbing voices for cartoons, I also had a movie, for export, but I also put voices in advertising”, the singer of the band “Emergency Hospital” recently told Playtech.ro.

One of his most important projects, however, was the famous “Alladin” production. Dan Helciug is the voice of Will Smith. Here’s how much money he got from the Americans for doubling Will Smith’s voice.

“The actors are paid between 1 and 7 euros, for a reply, but there are many rehearsals, it’s not very simple. This rate depends on the role, the number of lines, the value of the artist, many rehearsals are done to succeed in doubling a voice “, revealed Dan Helciug’s relatives for the same source.

Dan Helciug

Which artists rent their voices in cartoon movies

Not only Dan Helciug rents his voice in cartoon movies, but also other celebrities from Romania. Among them are Alina Eremia, Andreea Marin or Eugen Cristea and his wife.

“My wife and I also do dubbing, in cartoon movies or other Disney productions. We were both bears and owls.

It’s nice, although it’s not easy, it’s not simple. People also recognize me by their voice, not only by their face, in malls, when I went shopping “, the actor declared for the quoted source.


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